Cleartrip CMO on making travel impromptu and turning desire to travel into actions

Cleartrip CMO

Kunal Dubey, Cleartrip shares insights on the recent campaign redefining the term #Baahar and a social media strategy formulated with posts that make the consumers go “So, where to?”.

Kunal Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer, Cleartrip discusses the recent brand campaign ‘India’s Biggest Travel Sale’ featuring Vicky Kaushal & Katrina Kaif, the new brand identity, and the social media strategy that does not limit itself to being entertaining and engaging but also ties with digital touchpoints that link across the various stages of the purchase funnel.

India’s Biggest Travel Sale

Cleartrip collaborated with Flipkart for the launch of ‘India’s Biggest Travel Sale’, which also extends the ‘Big Billion Days’ proposition by the e-commerce brand, and presents an assemblage of offerings that enable consumers to select tailored packages. The campaign was created in collaboration with the agency Talented.

The two pillars of this campaign were the campaign endorsers Vicky Kaushal & Katrina Kaif, and the concept of the video series redefining ‘Baahar’. The short-format videos depicted various relatable instances when the term is loosely used in everyday affairs, but then the grandeur of the campaign is woven into the story.

Kunal mentions the campaign was developed taking a cue from the DNA of The Big Billion Days, and the objective was to transform travel into an impulse action like shopping or stepping out for a meal or coffee or watching a movie. Typically travel is always looked at as an activity that requires a lot of planning and research, but the goal was “to make people book first and rationalize later”.

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Remarking on the element of the campaign that plays with the concept of #Baahar, he says that, “The idea was to give a whole new dimension to the term that stands for infinite possibilities and is commonly used, but which we have made small and insignificant. With the campaign, we wanted India to think Big every time they think Baahar, which is what our ads depicted”.

Vicky Kaushal & Katrina Kaif were the two principal faces of the brand and embodied the brand proposition and offering. This is also their first endorsement together after their marriage. They were featured across various pieces of communication, such as the main digital video campaign, short-format videos, static images, and promotional posts.

Kunal mentions that roping these celebrities felt right during this time with the recent rebranding unveiling a new brand identity, and the celebration of travel kicking off. Sharing more insights on the collaboration, he adds that celebrities help gain more eyeballs, and Vicky and Katrina resonate with the brand personality and values.

“As a couple that loves to travel, and one that wants to take bold steps in their domains, they were the perfect choice in our journey towards making people travel more. Of course, the fact that this was their first endorsement together, generated more talkability for the brand”, he adds.

The campaign garnered more than 1.1 Bn impressions. With a campaign outreach consisting of close to 85% of Indian travel audiences, a massive increase in organic visitors to the platform was experienced. A significant spike in website users and app installs was also observed, and commercial success was seen both in terms of 90% growth over the last festive season with early indications of a baseline shift as well.

“The biggest win for us was in the number of genuine conversations and brand interest the campaign was able to create. For a significant portion of the sale, Cleartrip was the most talked about OTA in the country”, he adds.

Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy of the brand infuses topics such as travel, vacations, bookings, etc into topical formats, and makes it consumable for audiences through posts such as reels. As an online travel company, the brand has managed to maintain a balance between communicating promotional offers aligned with the seasonal spikes and vacation periods, along with a steady rollout of entertaining content that shares relatable instances and taps pop culture moments.

Kunal states that the social media strategy stems from the new brand identity of a brand that acts as an enabler to make all travel dreams a reality. Social media platforms have been known to generate desire, but the objective of the brand has been to encourage consumers to take that next step from a desire to action and turn their travel plans into reality.

The social media strategy will also focus on our core values – ‘Transparency, Optimism, Curiosity, Innovation, and Inclusive’ in interesting topical formats which leave the consumer with the question…. “So, where to?

Kunal Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer, Cleartrip

He reckons the marketing efforts are aimed at getting more users to explore the brand and motivating them to experience the app. “Our integrated marketing efforts across multiple media, platforms, content formats, and creative formats ensure driving a strong pipeline of consumers through the funnel. A strong tech and analytics ecosystem help enable this”.

With an objective to be disruptive, unique, and scalable, Cleartrip continues to integrate engaging elements with a revamped brand identity.