Dentsu Group renews its global management structure

Dentsu global

The global leadership team will ensure further integration of the Group’s capabilities to deliver top-line growth for clients while allowing Dentsu to realize sustainable enhancement of corporate value.

Dentsu Group Inc. today announced changes to its management structure, which will drive its global business forward from FY2023. The creation of a new global management structure follows dentsu’s announced intention to integrate Dentsu International and Dentsu Japan Network into a single dentsu organization around the world from January 1, 2023 and will strengthen the voice of the client in all strategy discussions. 

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The network claims that the simplified structure will allow the business to foster agile decision-making, strategic focus and clarity across the group whilst driving operational excellence across all functions.

Key Points of Management Structure Renewal

  • Formation of the Group Management Team, one management team to promote global management, accelerate business transformation and further enhance management diversity to achieve business growth and the sustainable enhancement of corporate value.
  • The Group Management Team is headed by President & CEO Hiroshi Igarashi and consists of 36 globally diverse Group Management members, including the 21-person Group Executive Management with executive responsibility. The team directly governs the four business regions worldwide.
  • The Group Executive Management constitutes the Group Executive Management Meeting, the executive decision-making body, whose members are appointed by the President & CEO, as well as the heads of business and corporate responsibility in key areas.
  • Group Management Team roles and responsibilities:
    • CEOs from across the four business regions come together to optimize the global business and align around a truly global management framework, including the selection of the first non-Japanese global CFO and the hiring of a new and internationally experienced CHRO from Google Japan.
    • Appointment of Chief Global Client Officer and Chief Integrated Solutions Officer to align dentsu closely to its clients and drive growth.
    • Appointment of Chief Governance Officer, Chief Culture Officer, and Chief Sustainability Officers to strengthen dentsu’s environmental, social and governance efforts across clients and society.
    • Appointment of Chief of Staff to directly work with the President & CEO on policy setting, implementation, and decision making.

Hiroshi Igarashi, President & CEO, said, “We have formed a global Group Management Team to further contribute to our clients’ business growth and the realization of a better society by strengthening our Integrated Growth Solutions, and to enhance our corporate value. Under this team, we will realize the potential our 65,000-strong, worldwide employee-base, bringing together their unique strengths within the countries and regions in which dentsu operates. This will allow us to achieve global business growth and improve profitability through synergies and increased efficiency. Through this renewal of our management structure, we will not only achieve the goals of our medium-term management plan, which concludes in FY2024, but also increase the certainty of long-term, sustainable growth beyond that date. At the same time, we will contribute to the betterment of our customers, partners, employees, consumers, and society as a whole.”