Pixelfox wins the Creative Mandate for Bellona

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Pixelfox will create a brand identity, monitor the communication that reflects the brand’s value proposition, and develop content strategies for Bellona.

Bellona Hospitality - the hospitality arm of Phoenix Mills Group, comprising many restaurants at Phoenix malls across cities, is known for its concept-driven restaurants and bars. Three of the venues of Bellona Hospitality have appointed Pixelfox - a Mumbai-based creative agency and production house for its communication on social media platforms. 

Ishaara, Caffè Allora and Cha Cha Cha (serving modern Indian cuisine, Italian cuisine and Pan-Asian cuisine, respectively) aim to target anyone who is a lover of food and loves to explore new experiences. 

“Pixelfox has expertise in creating a strong brand identity in the F&B space, and each of our restaurants has a core persona that must stand out from the rest," says Prashant Issar, Chief Operating Officer at Bellona Hospitality Services Limited. 

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Creating a true brand identity, monitoring the communication that reflects the brand’s value proposition and developing content strategies will all be handled by Pixelfox. Along with promoting campaigns, the agency will also manage the ORM of the brands. 

“Three restaurants that have three exciting USPs! When we were brainstorming for ideas, I'm glad that the words I heard in the discussion were not just restricted to ‘modern’ and  ‘hangout space’ but also ‘culture’ and ‘authenticity’. Social media is a very significant  touchpoint that influences our decisions today. Hence, we're not thinking of our online visitors as mere potential customers but also as an audience, who would identify with the  brand’s diverse values. Essentially, we aim to give our audience an experience that stays with them, through the three restaurants." says Krutika Vernekar, the co-founder of Pixelfox. 

Amit Damani, the co-founder of Pixelfox adds, “We don’t want our audience to come across any of Bellona Hospitality’s content and not recognise the brand. Right from our colour palette and design ethic of keeping it neat, to picking up the one-of-a-kind tone of voice, our  foxes aim to create a brand identity that is truly distinctive. We have also developed a  process to keep up with relevant trends and hop right onto them.” 

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