ShareChat partners with Httpool to expand its Self-Serve Ads platform

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Httpool will support ShareChat's self-serve ads platform, ShareChat Ads, in reaching mid-market and SMB companies across India.

ShareChat (Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd) has partnered with Httpool by Aleph to further grow its sales and expand its market. Httpool by Aleph will support ShareChat’s self-serve ads platform, ShareChat Ads, in reaching mid-market and SMB companies across India. The social media major launched its self-serve ads platform last year, with the aim to help advertisers easily connect with Bharat in their preferred language, and so far, the platform has supported over 2400 SMBs.

ShareChat has been rapidly expanding its self-serve ads platform, allowing SMBs, D2C businesses, and advertisers to drive targeted awareness for their brands. The platform also supports the creation of innovative and personalized advertisements in the form of in-feed display banners, in-feed videos, and interstitial exit ads. Businesses have been able to engage with more than 400 million MAUs on ShareChat and Moj, allowing for the micro-segmentation of their audience and thus creating a targeted impact across India. Httpool will provide access to a plethora of additional brands and advertisers, all keen on connecting with the Bharat audience. 

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ShareChat and Moj have a growing audience base which consists of Bharat and the youth of India. This provides a rich pool of opportunities for businesses to expand their market and effectively increase brand visibility. We are excited to collaborate with Httpool by Aleph who will take our unique offering to a wider array of brands and advertisers,” said Udit Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer, ShareChat and Moj.  

Amit Gupta, Managing Director, India Httpool by Aleph Digital Pvt Ltd, said, “Our partnership with ShareChat and Moj highlights our commitment and effort to educate and support SMBs in utilizing social media as means to grow their businesses and their audiences, not only on a local but at a regional level as well.” 

Through ShareChat's self-serve ads platform, advertisers gain access to a vast spectrum of simplified marketing solutions. Therefore, enabling advertisers to pick the right campaign goal, select the ad format best suited for their desired audience, and connect with audiences in multiple Indic languages, as well as analyze and monitor their campaign spends to optimize the performance effectively. An established and popular esports platform in India was able to reduce its Cost-Per-Registration (CPR) rate by 30% using ShareChat’s self-serve platform. 

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