Entertainment, BFSI & shopping trends that ruled 2022: Hansa Research

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Hansa Research tracks down the top trends of 2022 in the entertainment, banking & insurance, shopping & travel sectors.

Trends are important catalysts for marketers and consumers alike. A unique set of trends dominate sectors every year. In 2022, customer experience became central to making buying decisions (for customers) and enhancing the shopping experience (for marketers). Brands chose endorsers perceived as relatable, fit, trustworthy and likeable. The country watched cricket on Smart TV unlike last years, when people preferred the mobile screen.

From the increase in the popularity of OTT platforms to the emergence of cruise holidays as a favoured form of vacation, let us sum up the year with a list of top trends that ruled in 2022 as released by Hansa Research:

Entertainment Trends

As per the Brand Endorser Report 2022 of Hansa Research, Amitabh Bacchan was the most recognised celebrity in India. He surpassed many popular young actors in terms of recognition. In the sports sector, Sachin Tendulkar emerged as the number one celebrity. In 2022, these veterans were preferred by brands for endorsements as they are perceived as trustworthy, relatable and likeable.

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In the category of south Indian celebrities, Allu Arjun and Samantha Prabhu were the most recognised owing to the rise in viewership of OTT platforms. YouTube viewership also increased, making Bhuvan Bam the most recognised influencer. They set an example of how good content and performance are enough to create an impact.

Along with big names, big screens also made a comeback in 2022, with more people preferring to watch cricket on a bigger screen. People chose Smart TV to enjoy cricket on Hotstar. TV viewers also favoured HD viewership to enhance their experience.

Banking & Insurance Trends

Trust and customer support dominated the trends in the banking and insurance sector. According to the findings of Digipay Customer Experience Score (CuES) 2022 by Hansa Research, customers focused on security, privacy and support from banking digital payments apps instead of settling for non-banking digital payments apps. GenZ and Millenials emerged as frequent but not loyal users of digital payment apps.

Based on the Insurance Customer Experience Score (CuES) 2022 by Hansa Research, HDFC life and ICICI prudential life became popular choices among customers. People have favoured brands that provide a better purchase, dealing, and advisory experience.

Shopping Trends

Online shopping remained highly popular during the festive season, even when physical stores also offered sales and discounts, as per the Customer Sales Survey Report 2022 by Hansa Research. Mobile phones topped the list of the most purchased products followed by shoes and electronic accessories. Interestingly, people favoured buying books online and offline equally.

Customer experience became key to enhancing the shopping experience. Many brands considered customer feedback to improve their products and services.

Travel Trends

According to a survey by Hansa Research on behalf of Norwegian Cruise Line, Cruise holidays emerged as the top family travel trend, with 8 out of 10 families planning a cruise vacation abroad in the next year. 79% of people want to make up for the time lost during the pandemic and go on a vacation with family in times to come. 89% believe that spending quality time with family is essential for holistic well-being.

69% of travellers focus on value and intrinsic pricing while 61% consider easy access to attractions and activities while travelling.

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