Key insights on engaging the youth on social media

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Key insights on engaging the youth on social media

Utsav Chaudhuri, Viacom18 discusses how to engage with the youth on social networks with content that connects with them in their language.

Utsav Chaudhuri, (Marketing Head - Youth, Music, English Entertainment), Viacom18 explains how the current state of affairs directly affects consumer behavior and dictates what works on social networks. These insights intend to help brands and marketers in formulating an effective content strategy for the youth on social platforms.

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He spoke at the Best Social Media Brands Awards #SAMMIES2022 by Social Samosa.

  • Currently, the youth at large is going through a volatile and uncertain world, they want to see light content, that's not too heavy and preachy
  • The attempt is to be a part of the social conversations in a fun and meaningful way
  • Consumers are not going to wait for you, they will watch it at their convenience
  • The viewer sits up, acknowledges, and even rewards you if you engage with them in a fun way
  • For the sale of NFTs, we had a marketing plan laid out for 45 days, and it sold out within 32 hours
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