Jury Speak: SAMMIE 2022 jury shares a message for participants

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With the finale of Best Social Media Brands SAMMIE 2022 near, the jury panel shares a message of inspiration for all the participants.

SAMMIE Best Social Media Brands 2022 finale is just around the corner. The results for the event would be announced on December 13 at Novotel, Juhu at a grand finale commencing at 7 PM.

The esteemed jury panel gets into a conversation with Social Samosa, sharing their thoughts on how social media has evolved over the years and their expectations from the participants.

Ajay Gupte, CEO – South Asia, Wavemaker, said, “It’s going to be enriching to see the kind of work that is happening. A few things that I look forward to seeing are how is data being used really and whether is it delivering the maximum impact. There is a massive opportunity to combine the left brain and right brain and bring it to deliver greater returns for our clients and I want to see a lot of that. I also want to see how in new tech avenues have been used to execute simple ideas. It’s very easy to do a lot of complex stuff which doesn’t reach out to consumers. I want to see new tech, new ideas being delivered in forms that are simple and, and easy to relate to. To the participants – well done for being able to put together work that you feel proud of. You are already a winner because you’ve been able to create great work that can be showcased. All the best and I do hope you win.”

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Rajdeepak Das, CCO and CEO, Leo Burnett said, "SAMMIE has always been a platform for the best-in-class digital work to get its fair share of the limelight. In the past year, we have seen some tremendous changes in this space and I am looking forward to seeing work that is creative, purposeful, and at the same time driving business outcomes for the brand."

Unmisha Bhatt Co-Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer, Tonic Worldwide said, “The need of the hour is campaigns that will drive brand and business results. Differentiation, scale and business-driven will be 3 keywords for success.”

Rohan Mehta, CEO of Kinnect said, “With the changing social media landscape, we now see an increased focus on quality over quantity of content and utilising platforms’ latest platform features more effectively has become a priority. This is the age to stand out amongst the noise, and this will happen only through focused communication efforts. I expect the nominees to create a more long-term brand-building approach on social media platforms.”

Binaifer Dulani, former Dentsu Webchutney and currently a founding member of Talented, said, “I am expecting to see real work, with a real effort to represent the work in the right way and here’s an opportunity to rethink how you write your credit list.”

Mehul Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, SoCheers said, “Honestly, the expectations are sky-high! I’m hoping to see campaigns spanning across the pandemic period and the time after it, so excited about seeing the wide variety of executions & how it can help us. We’ve been seeing some amazing insights recently driving really strong campaigns, which have had a genuine social impact, in addition to the business one. That would be something to look out for – work that has done well not only from a business perspective but also socially.”

Krishna Iyer, Director – Marketing, MullenLowe Lintas Group said, “I am looking forward to creative ideas that are authentic, that break the stereotype with effective use of the platform, and thinking that goes beyond the brand. Let the best and the brightest work shine through. Best wishes to all the participants!”

Suveer Bajaj, Co-founder Zoo Media said, “A massive stand-out point in the participants this year at SAMMIEs is that they are finally being able to push the boundaries and be more experimental with their work. I think as categories have started expanding from a traditional point of view, it is pushing participants by the spins to start thinking out of the box. This is making them experimental with different innovations at the same time being more conscious about the fact that they need to be integrated into their approach as well as be very more outcome-focused.”

Shibu Shivanandan, Founding & Managing Director - PivotRoots, said, "With the quickly changing digital landscape, I am really looking forward to seeing how brands and agencies have successfully paired creative with technology to innovate or disrupt the space."

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