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Pyar Wali Chai

The new Wagh Bakri campaign features Divya Dutta, Darsheel Safary, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, and Anand Tiwari. This is the fourth video under the larger campaign umbrella.

Wagh Bakri announces its fourth leg for the 'Pyar Wali Chai' campaign. The brand previously launched a three-ad campaign in collaboration with tiqui-taka, a Mumbai-based creative agency. The fourth television commercial is now live on YouTube.


Parag Desai, Executive Director, Wagh Bakri Tea Group, said, “Tea is a daily ritual for us, and we at Wagh Bakri value the human connection that it fosters every morning. For us in India, everything else is replaceable except tea. As India’s favourite tea brand, we intend to leverage our 130-year brand history, which consumers already know and love, through emotional, meaningful, and insightful television commercials. Moreover, we further intend to increase our visibility on major national, international, and regional television networks, as well as on other digital platforms.”

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Jigar Fernandes, founder and creative head, tiqui-taka, says, “We’ve worked with numerous brands over the years, but collaborating with Wagh Bakri has been an absolute honour. Through these advertisements, we have done our best to preserve the history of the legendary brand, which is recognised for its trust and flavours. Inspired by their devotion towards their customers, we were even motivated to deliver ads with as much adoration as Wagh Bakri makes their chai”

Yogesh Shinde, Sr VP Marketing, Wagh Bakri Tea Group shared, “There is a famous saying 'The path to heaven passes through a teapot’ and our mission at Wagh Bakri is to stay true to high quality and great heavenly taste. As tea is a highly inelastic product and critically important to many people’s daily routines, we also want to stay true to our consumers’ continued interest in our range of healthy, affordable and sustainable beverages”

Wagh Bakri has cast actors from the Hindi film industry such as Divya Dutta, Darsheel Safary, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, and Anand Tiwari to enhance campaign outcomes. Jigar Fernandes has also directed these commercials through his own production company, Third Floor Films.

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