New WhatsApp update allows users to undo the ‘Delete for me’ option

Whatsapp update

This feature has been introduced to protect users who accidentally click on ‘Delete for me’ instead of ‘Delete for Everyone’. 

The new WhatsApp update has added an increased layer of protection to its ‘Delete for me’ feature. Now, users will be able to undo an accidentally deleted ‘for me’ message meant for ‘Delete for Everyone’. This update comes after the app makers realized that users don’t always hit the right button and send a message to the wrong person or group. 

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‘Accidental delete’ is a new feature to protect users from these tricky situations. Now, WhatsApp users will have a five-second window to reverse the Accidental Delete, and click on “Delete for Everyone”.

This will give them a moment to quickly undo a deleted message if they accidentally select “Delete for me” but mean “Delete for everyone”. The feature is available to all users on Android and iPhone.

This year, WhatsApp has rolled out multiple new features – the ability to set your online presence according to your needs (hide profile picture, status and more), adding 32 people in video calls, silently leaving a group, communities, in-chat polls & messaging yourself.  

The software is constantly evolving with regular iOS, Android and Desktop updates. WABetaInfo is currently testing out a few more features with beta users. Here’s a list of features WhatsApp has recently opened for its users.

Introduction of Avatars – Users will be able to create Avatars and set it as their profile pictures. This feature has only recently been rolled out with the latest iOS and Android updates. 

Profile icons in group chats – Profile icons of group participants are now visible on group chats after a recent 22.24.81 iOS update. The profile icon will appear next to the chat bubble. This feature was only widely rolled out on December 12. 

New emojis – WhatsApp is currently working on 21 new emojis for Android users. The beta update features redesigns for popular emojis. 

View once text messages – A view once text message will disappear from the chat after the recipient has read it. Users won’t be able to copy or forward the messages. The screenshots will likely be blocked when the feature is released, but it can not confirm that yet.