Agency Feature: Dot Media

Dot Media

Who are we? 

Dot Media is a community of creatively-inclined individuals with a point to make. We rose from humble beginnings with a 6 people team back in lockdown struck Kanpur and are now home to 200+ exclusive creators, 300+ digital campaigns, 30+ celebrities and a team of 70+ dynamic individuals – with our 2 offices in Mumbai, another office in Kanpur & our very own production studio in the making right in the heart of Andheri.

Our founders Shubham Singhal, Vaibhav Pathak and Om Singh are the brain, heart and soul that have parented several successful IPs like TGB Troop, Dot Talents, Dot Studios and Dot Public Relations.

What’s in the name? 

In one of his endless monologues, Shubham said, “Everything starts with a Dot” and that’s how Dot Media came to life. 

The more famous sister-concern named TGB originally was “The Girlfriend Box” – what started out as a customised beauty & skin product line, transformed into a creator management wing & the bottom line is, we’re not complaining. We kept the name because we truly believed it is the women of this agency that make it what it is, even today, we make conscious decisions to keep 50% of women in the workforce – and most departments in the agency are in fact women in leadership roles. Small efforts go a long way in fighting the good fight. 

What we do? 

The one-liner brief is – Everything under the Sun. 

Music Marketing is one of our greater strengths. Remember that one song everyone was making a reel on? Yeah, that’s usually our campaign. We set trends on the internet, and find innovative ways to market new music, this is the perpetual brief. Analysis, campaign curation and end-to-end execution, we go all out to ensure your music makes the numbers. We are guilty of acing the game with 150+ campaigns for major labels like Saregama Music, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group and Gully Gang Records are our witnesses.

Creator Management & Celebrity Management

TGB Troop is one of our greatest blessings. We have a rich roster of 200+ exclusively managed influencers from every category. One could say that we just have a knack of finding diamonds in the dust, polishing them and defining their true value. Ronit Ashra, Abhijeet Kain, Kiara Nautiyal, Sakshi Keswani, and Dhiraj Sanap are some of the creators that we have helped scale from less than 10K all the way into millions.

Under Dot Talents, we represent some of the most loved faces of television like Karan Kundrra, Paras Kalnawat, Monica Sharma, Aamir Ali & internet sensations of music like Vismay Patel, Gravero and more. Aiding and abetting the artist to curate good art is our job. We are your everyday Ari Golds.

Digital Marketing – Our favourite part of the job, we apply our knowledge of the social sphere and add fancy words like holistic to everything and help brands grow and stay relevant. Creating 360-degree serviceable plans for brands and labels across the board, we do a little bit of everything to keep the creative juices flowing and tbh, our pockets full.

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Content Production  – Under our most recent brainchild – Dot Studios, our forte is storytelling, and we do it with our very talented, creative and fun crew. From pre to post, production is one of our strongest suits.  With an in-house 1500 Sq Ft Studio, the latest equipment and dynamic setups, all you gotta do is sit back and let the creators create. 

Public Relations – Dot PR, servicing the bigger and better brand image with an effective PR strategy. How else do we land a feature on Social Samosa? 

Why we do it? 

In 2020, when the world went into lockdown and so did we. 

We were trying to make a brand work out but all we met with were bottlenecks of the creator economy, eventually, the kind of problem solvers our founders are – decided we would fix these problems. Not just for us, but for the creator economy at large and while we are on the journey of becoming the next tech biggie, we let the days that go by define ours why. For instance, let’s say for today’s sake, we do it for the story.

How we evolve? 

We get truly very comfortable in chaos. 

When your brief is to become an all-rounder agency and break into tech, you have no choice but to stay ahead of the game. Another factor that helps is that the average age at the company across departments is 23. Not a lot of baby boomers slowing us down. (Looks at founders)

Social responsibility in social media 

Get with the programme. Consider other people’s thoughts, emotions and bend of mind before putting anything out there. The internet is a very unforgiving place, remember that people will forget your name, position, and company but they will never forget what you wrote back to their meme in 2014. Kindness costs nothing, and being a jerk on the internet costs more than you know. 

Need of the hour 

There are a thousand laws and a million points to make but let’s cross that bridge when we get to it. What we need to start with is accepting the boundaries that are already drawn. 

Instead of looking at them as a limitation to creativity, we must look at it as a safety net for brands, artists and consumers.

We learned the hard way 

Sometimes doing your best and being the best to do are two very different things. 

Grace, even in a state of loss, is one of the toughest arts to master. 

The world doesn’t stop for anyone, if you have it hard right now, nobody cares, keep going.

Did we just share that?

Every day at least one team member questions why they haven’t become an influencer yet because every day one creator of ours closes a business worth the manager’s CTC. Even with our highly competitive salary structures, it’s been hard (read: hilarious) to watch.

They work with us 

We have built a dynamic and loyal clientele in a limited time, and we are truly so grateful for the trust they have all put in us from day one.

Some Brands that we work with regularly are Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ Hotstar, Plum Goodness, Tanishq, Bakingo, Snapchat, Imperial Blue, Flipkart & so on.

Some Labels that we set trends for are Saregama Music, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, VYRL Music, Gully Gang Records and so on.

Our brightest shining stars: Karan Kundrra, Ronit Ashra, Abhijeet Kain, Sakshi Keswani, Dhiraj Sanap, Aatman Desai, Gravero & a couple hundred more.

Industry as we foresee 

Creators worth their salt will become brands in themselves. They are bound to create a great user experience considering they have been on the consumer side and have a face value to protect. It’s either be branded or perish.

When it comes to Brands, they will (and must) shift their mindset from quantity to quality as they realise the value a creative campaign can provide to their brand image.

A day without Internet 

As a young agency that has their workforce really united and super friendly, a day without the internet would probably be like an episode of Flintstones, but in an office setting. We do follow Screenless Saturdays at work which helps us network and does funny things without being filmed, but we look forward to having more of these for the sake of our own mental health.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Every “buck up” lecture from our founder always ends with “We are only as good as the people around us” so yeah, by all means, please come join our mad house.