Cadbury Dairy Milk inspires citizens to #HeartTheHappiness in new campaign

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Cadbury's, Be a part of someone else's happiness campaign is a compilation of this year's happiest moments.

Social media function on algorithms that are conducive to popular content. The algorithms are designed to show us only the happy content of the popular, leading to a lot of good content going unnoticed. 

To bring attention to joyful content on social media, Cadbury Dairy Milk created a new algorithm that mined content with happy hashtags such as #FamJam #Reunion #HappyMoments, and more and curated them in the Instagram guide on the brand’s profile.

There are millions of happy and joyful videos shared every day on social media - be it videos of family get-togethers or catching up with old friends or spending time with their pets. By liking, sharing, and commenting on these, the users become a part of each other's happiness. 

The brand used the Instagram Guide section to curate such content and give everyone an opportunity to share each other’s happiness. The algorithm created by Cadbury searched for happy content that is ignored by social media platforms. 

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Further, Cadbury released a video on its YouTube page that talks about this latest campaign. The brand also released QR code ads, which redirected the users to the Instagram Guide section, once they scanned it. 

As a part of the campaign, Cadbury took over Times Of India’s jacket ad. Through the print campaign, the brand took heartwarming news from across regional dailies and presented it on the front page of the National Edition, for everyone to read and be a part of each and everyone’s happiness. The print ad was scannable, which would take the readers to Cadbury’s collection of happy videos.

Influencer, Zakir Khan too joined in the campaign and encouraged everyone to be a part of the Let’s #HeartTheHappiness movement. He posted a video on his profile talking about how 'Algorithm koi bhi ho – Insaaniyat se jeet nahi payega. Doosron Ki Khusiyon mein jab hum shamil honge toh unka Dinn ban jayega.' 

The campaign is an extension of the brand’s generosity dimension of ‘Kuch achaa ho jaye kuch meetha ho jaye.’ From the Thank You bars released in 2020 to celebrate the unsung heroes of the pandemic to recognizing the contribution of cricket ground staff members who are more often than not ignored.

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