Case Study: How Cadbury Dairy Milk leveraged tech for the recent leg of Madbury

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Carrying forth their long-standing user engagement IP - Madbury, Cadbury Dairly Milk India used technology to pair two participants from different parts of the country. The campaign was actively distributed across social media platforms.

Category Introduction 

India’s strong economic growth over the past decade has catalyzed the country’s per capita disposable incomes resulting in the strong growth of the chocolate industry. As a result, consumers are now buying chocolates for everyday consumption rather than just for special occasions. Another major factor driving the chocolate industry is the country’s large young population which represents a key consumer segment for chocolates. 

In fact, with per capita chocolate consumption of just 140 gms per year, India has a long way to catch up with a market like the UK where capita chocolate consumption is 10kgs per year. This clearly leaves a lot of room for growth for us. 

Brand Introduction

Mondelez India has been present in India for almost 75 years now. The company introduced Cadbury Dairy Milk in India in 1948 and since then has been a leader in the chocolate category in the country. Since its inception, Cadbury Dairy Milk has remained India’s favorite milk chocolate and is widely liked across the globe. 

Summary of the campaign

First launched in the UK in 2018, Mondelez brought the Madbury campaign to India in 2019. This campaign enabled consumers to invent new flavors of Cadbury through a dedicated website, making it the biggest user-generated marketing initiative. Typically, consumers can access the website to mix and match up to two ingredients to create their own Cadbury out of which the two winning flavors get launched into the market as a limited edition pack. 

Adding a sweet twist to the existing format, this year’s Madbury blurs borders as consumers from across the country embark on a one-of-a-kind culinary journey of creating their own Cadbury with Madbury Duet- bringing Cadbury fans together across different states and creating a rich, multi-cultural Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour.

Problem Statement/Objective

  • Opening doors of innovation to our consumers 
  • Building brand love and engagement for Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Bringing alive the brand’s purpose of bringing people together through a Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Elevating the Madbury experience to bring freshness to the beloved platform
  • Gastro-hybridization – Staying ahead of the curve by creating products that match the evolving consumer palate 


The brief was that the brand had to elevate the Madbury contest through an innovative lens that makes it truly Indian both in terms of flavours/ingredients and uniting people from different parts of the country. 

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Creative Idea

Ensuring the contest drives collective pride, Madbury for the very first time leveraged the power of tech to pair up two users from anywhere in the country who will come together and create their version of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

The central idea of the campaign focused on allowing two local flavors to come to life with the unique collaboration of two people from different parts of the country. 


Robust Tech Development: Hosting one of the largest UGC platforms in India – managing a robust back end but with simple user interface allowing large-scale participation

Winner Selection Process:

Selecting winners - A long and comprehensive process including multiple stages to come up with the best combination

o Longlisting

o Shortlisting

o Voting

o Prototyping

o Consumer Testing

Developing the limited-edition product:

o Working with first -of -its- kind flavors/combinations in a chocolate

o Crafting a product that will be loved by the consumers

Overall coordination:

Given this is a multi-agency partner effort, activities across creative, media, tech, microsite developers, platform developers, BTL agencies etc. were leveraged to bring this alive


The idea was brought to life on the website where users were provided with category options across Sweets & Desserts, Desi Drinks, Spices & Tangy, Fruity Fun, Crunchy & Chewy, and House of Cadbury. Post selecting a category, the users can choose their ingredients and indulge in fun trivia about their selection. As the next steps, they get to select the region which their co-creator should belong from and the flavour selected by that other person in the country to pair and create a complementary flavor. This collaboration can then be named together and submitted as a Madbury entry.

Apart from the grand prize of creating the next Madbury, participants stood a chance to win Amazon Pay and Paytm gift vouchers. 

The campaign was extensively distributed across social media platforms. As a part of the campaign, the brand began with sharing the names of the winners and their respective flavours.

This was followed by co-created content in association with Curly Tales. As a part of this, the Curly Tales team was seen visiting the winners & indulging in fun banter.

Additionally, the brand released a video featuring Chef Kunal Kapur where he tried to make Madbury flavours that would be better than the winning ones.

The brand also see a huge influx of User Generated Content throughout the years, as participants shared their suggested flavours and urged their friends, family, fans and followers to vote.


The ever-increasing love showcases the year-on-year success of this campaign, the campaign has scaled up from 8 Lac entries to 3 million entries in 3 years.



  • The brand launched new flavours
  1. Paan Jeer 
  2. Hint O Mint  


  • Launched two new flavours
  1. Chilli Orange
  2. Gulab Ae Khaas


  • Launched 2 new flavours
  1. Crispy Rabdi
  2. Crunchy Cola

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