How fitness brands are catering to new year resolutions with active marketing

Fitness marketing

New year, new me… is all we see in January. As nutritious diets, exercising right, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle remain one of the most popular new year resolutions, we take a look at fitness marketing.

Statistically, most people fail to maintain consistency for their New Year resolution by the month of February, but this trend doesn’t fail to kickstart the surge in demand for health and fitness products and services. With more and more consumers flocking to the gym, tracking their fitness, and managing their diet, this period accounts for the crucial upward trend for health & fitness brands.

Social media strategies of food & nutrition companies, HealthTech brands, gyms, celebrity instructors, and more relevant verticals are on a full upswing and this is how their marketing initiatives are shaping up.

Digital Media Campaigns

Several relevant brands are on the quest to enable consumers to transform their resolutions into consistent actions. In other words, the resolution of these companies is to realize the consumers’ resolutions.

HealthifyMe has launched a digital campaign featuring Farhan Akhtar, who is known for his athletic on-screen image induced by movies such as Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, and Toofaan.

Crack Your Formula Ft. Farhan Akhtar – HealthifyMe

The ad film has crossed a million views across platforms. The campaign was distributed across various social channels, including Instagram by using the ‘Collab’ feature, merging his 3.7 million (to date) followers with the brands. 

The fitness company fired some shots at consumers with the hardcore motivation that demotivates unhealthy habits such as doomscrolling the same videos on the same song and making time to binge-watch series by compromising healthy choices. The campaign intends to promote their offering Cult Pass – a subscription to train in gyms.

Get Cult Pass –

More such health and fitness brands have released marketing blitzkrieg with full-fledged digital campaigns banking on new year’s resolutions.

UGC Initiatives

Celebrity fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala kicked off the year with a rebranding of her venture Yasmin’s Body Image and a UGC contest #YasChallenge that promotes the Pilates Festival, an initiative she is a part of as a presenter.

Rebranding Announcement – Yasmin’s Body Image

Yas Challenge

Celebrity Collaborations 

Tribe India, the virtual workout platform collaborated with Kriti Sanon to promote their in-home offerings. The actress’s inclination toward fitness has been evident through her personal social media presence, and the collaboration comes across as an extension of that. Similarly, Diva Yoga partnered with Malaika Arora, who is known to never miss a workout, according to celebrity spotting pages.

The Tribe India X Kriti Sanon

Diva Yoga X Malaika Arora


Equinox, a global gym and fitness brand launched an anti-advertising campaign stating they would not be accepting memberships on the first day of January because the motivation to join a gym does not power the will to workout regularly. Although the campaign also comes across as self-contradictory as in all marketing communications they’re making a statement about the month but they’re not accepting memberships only for a day.

#ItsNotFitnessItsLife – Equinox

Whether the consumers would keep up with their new year’s resolutions or not is a tale that time will tell, health & fitness brands are on the way to achieving their marketing objectives with initiatives that transform new year’s resolutions into a healthy revolution.