Indian Gin brands enliven the 'Ginaissance' with experiential marketing

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Indian Gin brands enliven the 'Ginaissance' with experiential marketing

The new-age Indian gin brands are reviving the spirit in the tropics and experiential marketing is how they're resurrecting this spirit with aesthetics that match the global bar and stay rooted in the Indian culture.

Since 2015 until now has been a period what the spirit world has been calling the 'Ginaissance' and Goa the soirée hub of India is at the center of this revival of the production and the popularity of Indian gin brands. This revival may have been initiated a few years ago, but India has had a long history with the spirit.

The first spurt of gin in India, was when a Scottish doctor treating the presidency armies of the East India Company on the Indian subcontinent made the medicine for malaria a bit savory by adding the combination of gin & tonic - making India the land where the one of the world's most famous cocktail 'G&T' originated.

Contemporary brands are on their way to lifting up the spirits with marketing strategies that involve consumers in experiences. Enlightenment, Entertainment, and Education are the three pillars of these experiential marketing strategies. Here's how the brands are reviving this botanical spirit.


Greater Than, India's first craft gin, is at the forefront of this Ginaissance with a marketing strategy that banks on experiential entertainment. The eccentricities of this strategy vary from revising the popular image of the spirit derived from a historic artwork and collaborating with the artist Kavya Trehan for a soundtrack that enables consumers to listen greater.

The social media strategy of the brand brings in its own distinctive qualities rooted in Indian (pop) culture that blends with the present-time framework. Whether it's creating a new year greeting out of a bottle pop, tapping trending reels, presenting the product in humane settings, or creating a series of collaborative artworks with Greater Lane, the brand has been intending to achieve a strategy that's >>>…

Greater Lane

Soft Jazz With GT

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Storytelling, revised facts, cocktail recipes, and educational content around the origins of the spirit, or the brand have been key ingredients in the marketing strategies. For instance, 'The Legend Of Saṃsāra' a tale of exploration by an empress and the birth of the spirit, is an origin story that the brand often recites through its marketing strategy.

The contemporary Indian gin brand revisits the tale to apprise the consumers about new variants and expansion into new regions. Lady Saṃsāra is close to what is traditionally known as a brand mascot and serves a similar purpose but the visual and promotional appeal distincts itself from that definition.

The Legend Of Saṃsāra

The Exploration Of Lady Saṃsāra


The most integral element of experiential marketing creating experiences and promoting those experiences through media channels is one of the engrossing elements of this spirit's marketing boom.

The Gin Explorers Club, an initiative powered by Impresario Handmade Restaurants in collaboration with various Indian and international gin brands, along with non-alcoholic beverage brands and pop-up restaurants, is one such experience.

The experience that combines food, music, and cocktails with a line-up of artists, pop-up restaurants, and cocktails stations has also been promoted meticulously in collaboration with their digital partner: Figrr by Mumbai Foodie. Mumbai Foodie, the popular publication catering to the Mumbai-lifestyle community also ran digital contests and giveaways for the promotions of the initiative.

The Gin Explorers Club

According to a survey by Statista & YouGov, there were only 2% of alcohol consumers who preferred gin. And in a country that predominantly hosts beer, wine, and whiskey consumers, Indian gin brands have beyond doubt arrived at the scene, with marketing strategies that are relatable enough to seem familiar, but contemporary enough to be unique.

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