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LinkedIn continues to navigate a rapidly shifting economic climate and has launched a slate of features designed to keep up with technological updates and support professional communities.

1. #BigIdeas2023

LinkedIn interacted with a variety of experts and business leaders for their predictions and what will everyone be talking about and experiencing in 2023. From what’s next in hybrid work, to Generative AI, the rise of multi-sensory AI, and seaweed-based clothing.

Big Ideas Storyline

2. Connecting professionals in an accessible way

This year LinkedIn has observed a 33% increase in conversations about accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace, and it is working to improve its products. Here are a couple of the recent changes:

  • Improved Video Accessibility with Auto captions and High contrast - When users upload a video on LinkedIn, captions will be automatically generated for them (English only for now). Users can choose to add them immediately or edit them before they’re published. Viewers can now also turn on high contrast when watching videos on the LinkedIn app, which will adjust the colors to improve accessibility for those with low vision or visual disabilities. 
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  • Standardized Accessibility Job Titles - Users in the accessibility industry can now choose a standardized title in accessibility, such as “accessibility designer" or "accessibility engineer”. Standardized job titles help users get discovered & find opportunities that match their skills. 
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  • Alternative Text Functionality in Campaign Manager - With the introduction of alternative text (alt-text) functionality in Campaign Manager, advertisers can now easily add text descriptions to the image uploaded to image ads, allowing blind or visually impaired members to make sense of the imagery being presented.

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3. Explore new career opportunities with personalized job collections

The last couple of years has materially changed the way people look for a new job. The platform often hears from professionals that they would like to discover & explore new career opportunities even if they are not actively pursuing another job; and also seen an increase in members who are “casually” exploring job opportunities, especially ones that align more with their values and preferences (e.g. work-life balance, flexible work arrangements, up-skilling and career growth). To help professionals discover what’s possible for them, LinkedIn is testing and showcasing new personalized job collections that don’t require members to articulate their needs in a search box. 

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Starting from a few industries and collections in the U.S., the platform plans to expand the feature.

4.  New way to make a business purchase

To enable professionals to make better, more informed, purchasing decisions LinkedIn has recently launched Product Pages to help members (1) explore products that meet their needs, (2) connect with community experts, and (3) if interested, eventually make a purchase. The platform has close to 90,000 B2B products. Now, members can easily discover and find them directly from LinkedIn search. The platform plans to add new category filters and continue to improve and enhance the relevance to create a more personalized experience.

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5. Schedule future posts and performance insights

Scheduling posts: When users create their next post, users'll now see a ‘scheduling’ icon to the left of the Post button. To schedule the post, simply click the icon to choose the date and time they want the content to be shared. Users can make edits as they go and be in complete control of your content. 

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LinkedIn has announced that audience insights and top-performing posts have been added to the creator analytics dashboard. Now, users can check their follower growth over time and explore demographic breakdowns so they can better understand their audience. In addition, with updated data exporting, users can continue to identify trends and manage analytics in ways that work best for them. Note that to access these updates, users need to make sure they have creator mode turned on.

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