Madhya Pradesh Tourism Strategy: How ‘Hindustan Ka Dil’ is promoted on social media

Here is the social media strategy of the province that is titled one of the best tourism states in India. The article attempts to understand how Madhya Pradesh tourism transformed the themes of its iconic TV campaigns into a larger social media presence.

Tourism is an integral revenue stream for the Indian GDP, with the country reportedly seeing a USD 9 Bn foreign exchange earnings from the tourism industry. National and state governments have been increasing focus on tourism, Madhya Pradesh included, where the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board and District Administration Dhar jointly announced the ‘Safe Tourist Places for Women’ project. The initiative focuses on women and girls trained in self-defense offering services in travel and tourism, in the state.

According to a media report from June 2022, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation expected Indore alone to rake up INR 283 lakh in income from cruise and boating services in 2022. The tourism department saw an INR 159.24 lakh income in 21-22 from water-based activities in Gandhi Sagar, Choral, and Sailani.

The significance of Madhya Pradesh as a tourist attraction in the country lies within the rich cultural, historic, and culinary heritage that blends several Indian civilizations together. Being the central state, Madhya Pradesh has been host to distinct regimes and migrations. The diversity seen and rich heritage seen in the state have often been reflected in Madhya Pradesh tourism campaigns – be it the ones like Till Dekho Taad Dekho that aired largely on television or their recent branded content collaborations with Curly Tales.

Television Campaigns

As the Indian government with Ogilvy as the agency, launched the Incredible India campaign in 2022, state tourism boards also, started taking tourism campaigns more seriously. Released in 2010, ‘MP Ajab Hai’ campaign by MP Tourism Development Corporation and Ogilvy, was one of the first campaigns to put the state on the map as a tourist destination.

A performance art called ‘ombromanie’ was used to depict the culture and history of the state.

The campaign for this state has always struck the balance between cultural inferences and advertising ingenuity.

Till Dekho Taad Dekho

Most of us remember watching the ad film on television that promotes ‘Hindustan Ka Dil’, a video that creatively and effectively covered attractive traits within 60 seconds. This ingenuity continues to convey the eminence of  ‘The Heart Of Incredible India’ through the social media strategy of Madhya Pradesh.

Hindustan Ka Dil Dekha

This campaign can be considered a spin-off of the aforementioned one, instead of the lens-eye view, it reflects what the tourist sees through a lady’s eyes and her expressions convey the excitement and astonishment for the scenic spectacles.

Memories Of Destination

This campaign was followed by ‘Memories Of Destination’, on the surface it looked like a simple montage of photos played over the soundtrack of upbeat regional music, but it banked on the consumer insight of showing the state from the lens of a tourist, instead of well-planned PAN shots. The campaign covering multiple destinations and tourist attractions won two awards at Cannes Lions Festival 2018 – a silver lion for editing and a Bronze lion for its music.

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Social Media Play

The social media strategy of the tourism account brings in the essentials – long and short-format videos, static and motion posts, user-generated content, content collaborations, and promotional announcements. Engrossing content that keeps the audience engaged and important communication that needs to be conveyed, the play has a balance of both.

Long-Format Videos

Long-format videos particularly come into play for virtual tours of certain tourist attractions such as the Bandhavgarh national reserve park mainly known for tiger sightings, or the coffee plantation fields. This gives the tourists a fair idea of what they can expect out of the visitations, and also plan the itinerary accordingly.

Short-format Videos

This format is particularly used for the thumb-stopping purpose that catches the attention of the audience within a few seconds. These are usually aesthetic shots of eye-catching visuals of the central province. There are several such temptations in the region, and some of such videos are also crowd-sourced.

Static & Motion Posts

This format informs the audience about cultural festivals, staycation itineraries, notifications, and updates on ongoing events, where the tourists can dive into community experiences along with visitations and explorations.

Jal Mahotsav

Content Collaborations

The account frequently collaborates with content hubs and publishers for episodic series of primary attractions, this enables the expansion of the audience that the publisher brings in, and also diversify their content strategy with newer themes and outlook.

The Ghats Of Jabalpur, and Ratlam Famous Street Foods in collaboration with Curly Tales are a few such examples wherein the hosts from the channels bring their signature style and blend it with the account.

The Royal Trails Of Bhopal

The strategy of Madhya Pradesh Tourism continues to evolve with the new-age experiences and formats that come into play