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Rights Manager website

Meta has launched a Rights Manager website to help educate people on the way it combats copyright infringement and protects lawful expression on Facebook and Instagram.

Technology company Meta, has launched a website dedicated solely to helping educate people on the way Rights Manager combats copyright infringement and protects lawful expression on Facebook and Instagram.

Rights Manager is a copyright management tool that helps establish content ownership by uploading reference files and reviewing matching videos that may contain content that users own the rights to. It also allows users to grant permissions to certain people, pages or Instagram accounts to post their videos. 

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The new Rights Manager website includes details on all protections under the tool. Meta is providing unprecedented transparency into the tools and policies to help copyright holders better control when, how and where their content is shared on the platforms. 

The website further explains the many systems, policies and procedures to protect lawful content. For the first time, Meta has provided testimonials from partners who have benefited from using this tool. 

Anyone with a Facebook Page can apply for access by visiting the website. Rights Manager can be accessed through Meta Creator Studio desktop as of now. Once a file is uploaded, it will periodically conduct retroactive scans to detect matching content from any date in the past, regardless of when it was first uploaded.

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