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Stock photography company Shutterstock is the latest to jump on the generative AI trend.

Shutterstock has announced the launch of its AI image generation platform, available to use by all customers globally in every language the site offers. This comes after the company signed a deal with DALL-E creator, OpenAi, in October 2022.

The text-to-image AI technology by Shutterstock converts prompt into ethically created visuals ready for licensing. It is the latest addition to Creative Flow, the company's extensive toolkit that has been designed to power a seamless creative experience.

"Shutterstock has developed strategic partnerships over the past two years with key industry players like OpenAI, Meta, and LG AI Research to fuel their generative AI research efforts, and we are now able to uniquely bring responsibly-produced generative AI capabilities to our own customers," said Paul Hennessy, Chief Executive Officer at Shutterstock.

"Our easy-to-use generative platform will transform the way people tell their stories — you no longer have to be a design expert or have access to a creative team to create exceptional work. Our tools are built on an ethical approach and on a library of assets that represents the diverse world we live in, and we ensure that the artists whose works contributed to the development of these models are recognized and rewarded", he added.

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Here's what the AI image generation platform aims for:

Ease & Quality: This is a new way visuals are created for campaigns, projects, and brands by making generative AI accessible to all. Shutterstock believes that users should not need to learn how to write long, complex prompts to benefit from this technology. The image generator functions with the objective to produce unique, and varied images from even a single word input or short simple phrases. And with an intuitive style picker and support for over 20 languages.

Convenience: Shutterstock aims to be a one-stop shop for all creative needs. Users can search for stock, create and publish winning designs, and generate content—all in one place. If they want to take it a step further, they can polish the newly generated asset in Create, the easy-to-use editing tool that lets users customize the visuals without being a professional designer, and plug it into the rest of the applications that make up Shutterstock's Creative Flow. This results in the perfect piece of content every time, allowing users to bridge the gap between idea, design, and execution. Every Shutterstock customer already has access to this suite of tools through their current subscription.

Confidence: The stock photography company mentioned it would pay artists for their contributions, and enable itself to be a confident partner for generating and licensing the visuals.

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