Zupee's latest campaign takes a dig at New Year resolutions that never last

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Zupee's latest campaign titled "BeTuNaHoPa” takes a witty take on the age-old New Year resolutions starring their own self-help guru.

People begin making resolutions about what they will do and follow in the New Year. By providing individuals with something that will aid in the accomplishment of their resolutions, Zupee rolled out a “Khel Gaya” moment, as a part of their campaign.

Zupee gave it a fresh spin in their new year's commercial, cashing in on the popularity of inspirational videos and self-help gurus extolling the virtues of manifestation. They introduced the slogan "BeTuNaHoPa” (Beta Tumse Na Ho Payega), which reveals the reality of your resolutions.

The campaign then suggests that consumers go to the microsite and install the Zupee app and engage in quick 10-minute games to win real money. The ad began with a tongue-in-cheek clip on the brand's Instagram account informing followers of the phrase to keep in mind when making new year's resolutions. 

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Influencers, who added their own spin to the mantra, helped to further amplify the message. Leading creators were enlisted to spread the message as well.

With the campaign, Zupee attempts to bank on the universal tendency of creating New Year’s resolutions that never last. Further, the influencer twist helped create intrigue.

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