Case Study: How influencer activity for Bachchhan Paandey's release campaign garnered 1Bn impressions

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Bachchhan Paandey

Bachchhan Paandey managed to create a stir on three social media platforms, by collaborating with creators exclusive to one, and with the support of the cast of the movie. This case study tracks how an abduction on a train led to 1 Bn Impressions.

This case study on Akshay Kumar-starring movie Bachchhan Paandey explores the three phases of the campaign, details about the execution, and the results generated.


For the release of the movie Bachchhan Paandey, a digital activity revolving around the theme of the movie was executed in collaboration with creators from the social network Moj. A 'train kidnapping' was planned from Mumbai to Delhi to spread maximum awareness about the release of the movie.

Creative Idea 

The creative idea entailed Bachchhan Paandey (Akshay Kumar) abducting 12 exclusive MOJ creators on the special train from Mumbai to Delhi. To release those creators, the character is seen asking a ransom of 1 Bn Views in exchange for their release. This campaign ran on Moj, Instagram, and Twitter.


The campaign was executed in three phases on mainly three social media platforms, Moj, Instagram, and Twitter.


The main aim of this phase was to continue the hype and curiosity among the audience for the previous day's activity. Kriti Sanon Tweeted a few days before the release date, informing that the creators had gone missing, and had been abducted by Bachchhan Paandey aka Akshay Kumar.

Arshad Warsi took forward the conversation from Kriti’s Tweet to his account. The activity was followed by a Tweet from Moj informing about development in the situation of their missing creators. A final Tweet was posted by Jacqueline Fernandez to amplify the curiosity about the activity.

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Main Activity

Media coverage of Bachchhan Paandey boarding the train kicked off the main activity, and Akshay Kumar launched the campaign by announcing that Bachchhan Paandey had abducted the missing Moj creators, through Twitter by sharing the ransom video. He put forward his demand of receiving 1 Bn Views in a day on the hashtag


Announcement Posts 

All 20 macro influencers on Instagram posted stories updating their followers that it was Bachchhan Paandey who abducted their friends. The Instagram Stories were reshared by the meme and Bollywood pages. The hashtag #BachchhanPaandeyKiMoj was then trending on Twitter. 1000+ posts were uploaded by Moj creators and simultaneously 500+ posts were uploaded on Instagram.

Creator Release

All the creators were released on 15th March as promised by Bachchhan Paandey. The activity resulted in the achievement of 1.5 Bn in 15 hours on 15th March 2022. The announcement of the creator release was made on 16th March 2022 by Akshay Kumar on his Twitter handle. The announcement was reshared by all the creators who were released. Moj retweeted Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon's tweet highlighting the movie's release date.

Additional Activities

Offline and digital activities complementing the campaign on social media were also a part of the concluding phase. A special truck designed for the promotion of the movie was driven through multiple cities of the country, with influencers encouraged to post it as a cross-channel amplification. The coverage of this activity was also published through several publishers.


Twitter Activity


@Mojindia Total Influencers Engaged: 10 / 20

  • Total Views: 1460052
  • Total Accounts Reached: 1418778
  • Total Impressions: 1467046


@Mojindia Total Influencers Engaged: 10 / 20

  • Total Views: 934600
  • Total Accounts Reached: 934116
  • Total Impressions: 959732
  • Total Tweets: 5,371
  • Unique Contribution: 1,768
  • Engagement: 1,832
  • Total Reach: 18,564,433
  • Total Impression: 27,524,845
  • Duration: 4+ hours

Instagram Activities

Stories from Instagram Influencers

  • Total Influencers Engaged: 20
  • Total Views: 2,266,314
  • Total Accounts Reached: 2,106,745
  • Total Impressions: 2,251,087

Reshare Of Stories Activity On Meme Pages

  • Total Views: 23,557,972
  • Total Likes: 841,159

Reshare Of Stories Activity On Bollywood Pages

  • Total Views: 4,926,330
  • Total Likes: 105,901

Truck Activity

  • Total Views: 140K +
  • Total Engagement: 11.6K +
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