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Google India Reels

Google India is also tapping trends along with broadcasting them, with a strategy that promotes products and features in a native manner. Here we map out the Google India Reels Strategy and decipher how it slides into social feeds.

Google is one of the few products in the technology industry that does not need hefty promotions for generic performance metrics such as brand awareness, increase traffic, or generating leads. Consequently, the objective of the Google India Reels Strategy has been building thought leadership on online safety and ethical internet usage, awareness posts for newly launched products and unique features, and celebration of topical moments and ocassions.

The internet brand also uses the short-format video hub to signify important company updates, milestones, and developments. For instance, the highlights from Google For India event, along with noteworthy quotes from Sundar Pichai were shared in this format. This is a long-running approach to underline headways in the company.

Additionally, collaborations also make up for a substantial chunk of the reels on the company's page. The iconic Google Doodles extend from the search engine's digital page to the social presence. It also ran a Google Doodle series for Republic Day, entailing collaborations with some popular Indian digital artists such as Neha Doodles and Bohra Sisters. The frequent collaborations add to the variety of unique creativity.

The eccentric use of Google products such as Slides, Lens, and the natural integration into the format adds to the captivation and transforms it into native promotions. This tactic is fused with topical moments such as Naatu Naatu's win at the Golden Globes or giving into the love of momos, and more pop culture moments.

As one of the major technology tools used in the digital ecosystem, Google India's reel strategy is based on building thought leadership in advocacy of the digital well-being of users and the overall ecosystem.

All these elements are relevant to the company whether they are topical moments or information dispensation or product promotions, all of them are seamlessly blended with trending templates, popular songs, movie references, and audio clips being widely distributed. The company manages to stay native and progress with the fast-paced trends.

Key Takeaways For Brands From Google India Reels

Brands tapping Reels, or looking to dive into the format can also gain a few takeaways and learnings from the Google India Reels Strategy.

  • Only tap relevant trends
  • Do not force-fit product promotions
  • Use recognizable brand traits, visual elements, and features
  • Portray relatable consumer situations around your services
  • Collaborate with creators to present a variety within the brand tonality
  • The purpose of the strategy should match the purpose of your brand
  • The treatment of educational content should also be engaging

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