From Kiara to Alia, how Manyavar features bride-to-be in ads to garner ultimate brand recall

Walking down the aisle of Manyavar, where the brand has built a mandap of campaigns that feature popular actresses in bridal settings before their real-life marriage.

The power couples of the Hindi Film Industry getting hitched has customarily been known to set off a topical trend that the whole of the internet attends. The recent marriage of Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra kept up with this custom, and users, brands, and creators took over social media platforms.

Sidharth-Kiara Ki Galaan Ho Gayi Mashahoor, while some heartbroken singles jammed to Rab Bhi Khel Hai Khele, but the first mover of this trend was, and always has been the ethnic wear brand – Manyavar.

Mohey, a sub-brand of Manyavar focussed on women’s wear has had a history of featuring popular actresses in the backdrop of a wedding before they actually get married in real life. This history repeated itself with their most recent campaign ‘Kiara Chali Naye Ghar’ featuring Kiara Advani, who announced her marriage last night on February 07.

The actress is the endorser of the brand’s new collection. Along with the campaign films and digital amplification, she is also the face of the collection in retail outlets, both online and offline. The campaign is a part of the brand’s IP #DulhanWaliFeeling, which was first launched in collaboration with Alia Bhatt.

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Although the main campaign was launched a couple of years ago, she has been a long-standing collaborator. After speculations of her marriage were coming up and entertainment publishers and pages started building it up, we started seeing her as the face of the brand across social channels more frequently. However, any direct connection between the parallels has not been officiated.

And now on to the initiator of this custom of Manyavar, Anushka Sharma. She and Virat Kohli have been the flagbearers of this brand image, and their wedding being called another installment to the series of ads is the humorous tip of the iceberg.

Manyavar built a whole story out of the campaign series featuring these two, which was initiated with their first appearance and later progressed to the after-marriage theme, drawing parallels between their real-life milestones.

With this long-running custom, Manyavar and its sub-brands have managed to create brand recall so strong that when the real-life pictures of these celebrities are shared, the brand name pops in the audience’s head, establishing the brand as the first mover with full advantage.