Kinnect Outreach announces the launch of its in-house tool ‘KinnectFluence’

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Kinnect Outreach

The new tool will be used to research, measure and manage campaigns for clients' growing influencer marketing needs for the future.

Kinnect Outreach, a division of Kinnect, India’s homegrown Influencer and Third-party partnership desk, announces the launch of its in-house tool ‘KinnectFluence’ to research, measure and manage campaigns for clients' growing influencer marketing needs for the future.

Through KinnectFluence, the agency aims to provide a LIVE dashboard to its clients where they can map content performance in real-time and gauge its impact. This builds on their prowess in course correction and enables transparency for their clients to be well aware of the campaign performance and ROI. 

It has also onboarded 30 new clients and hires 40 new influencer marketing and platform specialists in the last six months, making it 100 member team at the agency.

The team of creative directors who are platform specialists, ensure that the content created is basis the brand guidelines and tone of voice, balancing the authenticity of the content creator. The combination of creativity supported by data and platform expertise helps brands leverage live audience insights and in-depth analytics to create engaging and effective campaigns. 

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Kinnect Outreach also aims to resolve the pertinent problem of measurement by deploying standardised digital metrics by which marketers can identify the efficiency of their spending on advertising. In times of global recession, driving cost efficiencies is critical, and the desk has shown up to 30 to 40 per cent cost efficiencies for brands on their annual influencer spends.

It has a broad network of 500K plus influencers and also the agency recently went on to win 8 Cannes Lions in 2022 for their campaign ‘&t=7s" target="_blank" rel="noopener" title="">Chatpat.'

Speaking on the launch, Rohan Mehta, CEO, Kinnect, said, “Our idea of influencer marketing doesn't equate to reach alone but is an extension of how it could be creatively leveraged for effective communication and performance. Kinnect has been a pioneer in providing Influence Marketing solutions back since 2016. It is now one of the largest desks in India, offering new-age services in the Influencer Marketing space. By using data to identify and understand their target audience, the team at Kinnect is able to create campaigns with standardised metrics tailored to specific demographics, ensuring that they resonate with the right people. Additionally, the team uses data to track the success of their campaigns, allowing them to refine and optimise their approach in real-time.”

“As influencer marketing spends grow to occupy a significant media budget of many clients, analysing & mining data has become even more critical for success. At Kinnect, we have worked with more than 90 brands, including some large brands such as Amazon Fashion, Asian Paints, HDFC Bank, CEAT Tyres, Intel etc. We are looking at investing more in data & analytical tools like ‘KinnectFluence’ to offer standardised measurability solutions for large-scale influencer marketing campaigns”, states Kejal Teckchandani Sr.VP, Influencer Outreach, Kinnect.

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