Meta Horizon Worlds starts testing Members-Only Spaces

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Meta Horizon Worlds

The access to members-only spaces will allow creators to build a community and host any personal gathering to experience a holistic environment.

Meta has expanded the availability of personal space in Meta Horizon Worlds, by adding a members-only worlds for a limited alpha test to give creators that same level of autonomy to grow and moderate their own communities.

This access will let creators build and cultivate a space where a community of people can come together to enjoy a curated experience. 

By hand-selecting members, creators can offer exclusive and uniquely tailored experiences. During the alpha test, each members-only world can have up to 150 world members and 25 concurrent visitors at any given time. 


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They’ll be able to grant exclusive access to VIP supporters, create a dedicated space to showcase their world design portfolio to the creator community, host a book club, gather a gaming group, organize a support group, or just hang out with friends and family—all without worrying about uninvited guests. 

With full control over who has access to visit their worlds, creators can consistently offer a positive experience where people can build connections and foster a strong, thriving community. 

Meta’s goal is to put design in the creators’ hands so that they can fully craft the experience they want to offer others. 

To foster their own culture within the space, it will provide the tools that allow the creators of members-only worlds to set the rules for their communities and maintain those rules for their closed spaces. 

During this alpha test, a small group of trusted creators will be selected to build and obtain feedback on the design and moderation of members-only worlds so that it can be improved. 

Creators can choose whether or not to share their moderation responsibilities with other trusted group members and decide if they’ll allow members to visit the world without a creator or moderator present. Everyone will always have the ability to report worlds to Meta and report others for behaviour that violates Meta’s Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences.

Meta Horizon will soon be available on the Web and mobile devices, and across closed experiences, including members-only worlds, rules will be made and enforced similarly to how mobile operating systems manage experiences on their platforms.

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