Piramal Realty hits the right chord with its new campaign featuring Rahul Dravid

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Piramal Realty hits the right chord with its new campaign featuring Rahul Dravid

Piramal Realty's new campaign ‘HomeisForever’ stands out in an industry that is often flooded with indistinguishable messages centered on promoting scenic vistas and luxurious amenities.

Piramal Realty has launched a new campaign featuring Rahul Dravid, former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, highlighting the importance of a home that hosts a family’s legacy and all their achievements. The campaign adeptly integrates the brand's message with the on and off-field persona of Dravid, resulting in a seamless blend. The campaign's depiction of the cricketing icon in a manner that makes him relatable and approachable appears to resonate well with the audience.

To stand out in the clutter, Piramal Realty's campaign takes a different approach by focusing on the warmth that a home offers. The campaign banks on the universal concept of home being the place where all achievements in life are accentuated with the little moments of joy spent with family and friends. In Rahul Dravid's words, "The greatest highlights of my life took place at my home.”

This relatable notion has been assembled into a single hashtag #HomeisForever, which communicates the campaign outlook on the significance that a beautiful home plays in a family’s flourishment and is portrayed through a concept that illustrates the story of Rahul Dravid on a philosophical and practical note. It also provides consumers a chance to take a closer look at the more intimate side of the esteemed cricketer's life and a glimpse of how he is an exemplary family man.

The latest campaign by Piramal Realty is designed to promote their offering to secure a home with a limited-period offer. The underlying message of the campaign is that no matter how prosperous one becomes in their career or personal life, a home serves as a constant foundation of support and reliability. This objective is fused with the creative thought of achievements and milestones in life all of which are incomparable to the feeling of 'A Forever Home.’ It also highlights the premium amenities that the brand provides.

With a lucid montage of stills and snippets featuring the ace cricketer, inspiring background music, a straightforward statement, and minimal product integration, the brand manages to make a mark as subtle and as powerful as the cricketer's stint.

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