Swiggy's short film shows how wrong addresses can sometimes lead to the right places

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Swiggy's short film

Swiggy's new short film celebrating Valentine's Day displays the sweet possibility of a wrong address delivery. The story unfolds only through Swiggy UI. It is conceptualised by Talented.

Swiggy's latest film, “Wrong Address” exemplifies the all-too-sudden flutter that strikes without warning. The film revels in the sweet possibility of a wrong address delivery which becomes a meet-cute for two neighbors, Aashna and Raghav. We see how they gradually go from strangers to lovers, but we never see their faces. Because here's the best part: the story unfolds only through Swiggy UI, drawing inspiration from Google’s “">Parisian Love."

The brief, from the very first day, was met with a lot of love and excitement. “Over the past 8 years, Swiggy has become a large enabler in consumer lives and elevating moments - whether small or big. With this brief, we wanted to try and trace the journey of a relationship and the role the brand had to play in a manner that was creatively disruptive. We were really excited to see the love and care with which  our creative partners - Talented and Chocolate Films - treated the brief and the film,” says Sneha John, Director, Brand Marketing and Social, Swiggy.

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"One of the biggest reasons it turned out so well is because we treated it like a short film and not an ad," says Pooja Manek, Founding Member and Creative at Talented. "Despite showing only Swiggy UI, what still stands out and lingers is the story of Aashna and Raghav, who found love at the most unexpected place," say Nabil Kureshi, Head of Production, and Balaji Padmanabhan, Account Manager at Talented. 

The nuances - Aashna being a North Indian and Raghav hailing from Kerala - form a fertile field for creating many aww-inducing moments, like spelling Pazham Pori the right way. “Most of these instances sprouted from my own experience of moving to Bangalore. I’ve been corrected for my pronunciation of Kozhikode to know better,” says Malvika Thirani, the writer of “Wrong Address" and the voice of Aashna. 

“But it was only after the film went live that the most endearing thing happened. Sort of like a post-credit scene that’s worth the wait. My friend placed a Swiggy order for me with a note that read: ‘Proud of you.’ I guess that was my script coming full circle.”

wrong address

“It makes you realise that Swiggying is not just a ritual or a mere act of service. It’s how some people articulate their feelings today. It is perhaps the 6th love language, and rightfully so.”

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