Tata CLiQ Luxury launches a campaign film featuring 44 creators

Tata CLiQ Luxury

The campaign by Tata CLiQ Luxury showcases 44 creators across India explaining what beauty, liberation, and India On The Move mean to them, and how the future of luxury and slow commerce is looked at through the lenses of technology, sustainability, and innovation.

India is brimming with energy and optimism and the endeavour of this film by Tata CLiQ Luxury was to capture liberation, revolution, and opportunity that is driving a change in needs and desires. As a result, it has impacted the way we think, feels, and consume.

After travelling 7500 kilometres across the country, this film captures the enthusiasm, eagerness to go, and inspiring stories of hope, optimism, and beauty through the voices of 44 creatives. Creators from different walks of life, such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, stylists, models, musicians, fashion consultants, and authors, are featured in the film and share their thoughts on what beauty, liberation, and India on the Move mean to them. The film gives the audience a glimpse into the lives of various personalities who have been inspired by beauty in different forms and are filled with energy and creativity to push their boundaries to create new things.

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For Raul Rai, co-founder of Nicobar, it is all about embracing the traditional and then reimagining it in a contemporary way, and to Aku Zeliang, founder of Urra Design, it is about the inclusion of indigenous communities and the celebration of diverse differences and cultures.

Beauty signifies curiosity, knowledge, and grace to Mandovi Menon, co-founder of Egodeath, and everything where love exists to musician Nourhevilie Khate. Beauty means power and confidence to Bhavya Ramesh, a jewellery designer, and good energy, warmth, confidence, and a sense of humour to Vasudha Rai, an author. For Kanika Goyal, a fashion designer, beauty is a lot about imperfection. It is about seeking beauty in the smallest of things that bring one joy.

When asked what liberation means, leading model Prathiksha Shetty said it meant being herself and owning it. For Asenla Jamir, a fashion designer and entrepreneur, it means getting equal opportunities. For Randhir Singh, Founder of Subculture, it is about being free of society’s norms, and for Ravi Vazirani, Interior Designer, it means being able to be oneself without having to cater to other people’s feelings about one’s choices.

For model Thoudam Meitei, India on the move means society breaking stereotypes and accepting trans communities; for Anand Bhushan, a fashion designer, it means celebrating India across the globe.