YouTube launches Creator Music in US for YPP

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YouTube Creator Music

All creators who are a part of the YouTube Partner Program in the US would have access to Creator Music, a new tool for creators to access a catalog of music for use in their videos while still being able to monetize.

Creator Music is a way to use popular music in long-form videos without losing out on revenue. The expansion plans for Creator Music outside of the US would be announced soon.

Creators can access Creator Music from YouTube Studio on the computer. Users can search for and preview a specific track or find them across featured collections, genres, moods, & more. From there, they’ll see icons that represent the different usage terms that songs have within Creator Music. See whether they can buy a license upfront or share revenue with the artist and associated music rights holders.

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With Creator Music, they might see the following options if a track is eligible:

1) Buy a license to use music and keep your full revenue share.

If you’re buying a license, review the terms for the license, check it out, and then you’ll be able to download the song and add it to your video while editing.


2) Pay for music by sharing revenue with the artist and associated music rights holders.

Don’t want to buy a license but still want to monetize? Some songs in Creator Music are available for revenue sharing, meaning that you could still be eligible to earn by splitting a portion of the video’s revenue with the song’s rights holders.

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