Case Study: How Sirona's UGC campaign celebrated sisterhood & generated 1.5 MN+ views

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This Case Study explores how Sirona attempted to break the age-old misconception of women being each other's worse enemies with their UGC campaign and reached 600+ users.

Sirona launched the campaign #MeriSuperWomen to highlight the true bond of sisterhood that women have. The brand created a campaign that reached more than 600 users. Here's a case study on how Sirona achieved this.

Category Introduction

The feminine hygiene products market was valued at INR 32.66 Bn in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~16.87% during the 2021 - 2025 period, to reach a value of INR 70.20 Bn by 2025.

Brand Introduction

Sirona is a femtech brand solving unaddressed period, intimate and toilet hygiene issues for women with their products, services, content and community. Feminine hygiene is still a taboo in our country where people shy away from even saying the word ‘period’ or from discussing women’s intimate or toilet hygiene problems. This lack of conversation leads to a lack of awareness around such crucial topics.

Hence, the brand's primary objective from social media is to create awareness and educate people about such 'taboo' topics. They create content in the form of posts, short videos, long videos, blogs, articles etc, across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Quora and LinkedIn.


On the occasion of Women’s Day 2023, Sirona launched the campaign #MeriSuperWomen to highlight the true bond of sisterhood that women have. The key thought around the campaign was to celebrate the unwavering and inexpressible bond that women share with each other which is commonly misinterpreted and women are more than often called each other's worst enemies.

The brand started a 'reel trend' that highlighted the bond women share in their friendships and how they uplift each other.


Through the #MeriSuperWomen campaign, the brand wanted to highlight the true bond of Sisterhood and Womanhood, which is commonly misinterpreted. It is generally considered that women don't support each other. Things like ‘Aurat hi aurat ki dushman hoti hai’ are common phrases that people associate with women.

However, the reality is far from what is perceived. Every woman has a woman confidant/supporter/mentor who could be her sister, friend, mother, mother-in-law or anyone else. This woman is her cheerleader and support system. 


The brief given to their team was to think of an interesting and relatable way through which the thought of the campaign could be communicated and share-worthy content could be created.

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Creative Idea

The aim of this campaign was to start a reel trend that could highlight the reality of Sisterhood and finally put an end to the age-old misconception of women's friendships. The creative idea was to use relatable videos and create a custom version of popular songs like ‘Hey Soul Sister’ and ‘Jaane Kyun’.


The biggest challenge for the brand was to create and make a trend and let it float. The brand wanted the music to be catchy. Along with this the visual idea had to be simple and the reason had to be strong yet simple enough for people to participate in.


The brand started a ‘reel trend’ using their own version of the song, ‘Hey Soul Sister and Jaane Kyun Dil Jaanta Hai, Tu Hai Toh I’ll Be Alright’. The reel highlighted how a woman’s ‘girls’ are her cheerleaders and support system.

The key platform for #MeriSuperWomen campaign was Instagram. The brand created a custom version of the song created with the help of a music artist. The brand also leveraged their own stories and influencers' handles to create reach and engage the audience further.

Influencers like Malini Agarwal, Padhu Padmavati, Arthi Baskar, Dixita Patel participated in the campaign. Along with this, several media pages covered this campaign. And print ads in leading dailies also communicated the same message. The CTA mentioned in the reel was for IG users to create their own version of the reel with the women of their lives who are always there for them.

The brand offered an incentive to the top 10 most interesting reels. At the end of the campaign, the brand awarded 10 best reels a Sirona Gift Box worth Rs. 1000.



  • 300 participants created reels using Sirona’s custom song for Women’s Day.
  • 1.5 million+ views across all reels.
  • 600+ people shared Sirona’s reel.


Women found the reel extremely relatable, shared it with their girls and created their own version too.

Commenting on the campaign Anika Wadhera, Head of Marketing, Sirona, said “Through this campaign, we wanted to highlight the emotion of womanhood and celebrate this relationship which is deeper than we acknowledge. Women empower each other, knowingly or unknowingly. We wanted to showcase and create a platform for acknowledgement on this special day.”

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