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Heinz takes a dig at a common behavior insight with its new campaign 'Ketchup Fraud' that gives a peek into the sour maneuvers of American eateries to fill the Heinz bottle with sub-standard ketchup to fool the consumers.

In collaboration with the independent creative agency Rethink, Heinz created this campaign that highlights their brand value and superior quality to generic ketchup brands in the market. First launched as a Print ad, the campaign has not been extended to the digital platform.

The campaign insight comes from social listening and a widely circulated sneaky image on Snapchat, wherein an eatery employee is filling a Heinz bottle with some other ketchup. The social listening review discovered that this is a common behaviour across eateries and the brand wanted to give the consumers a taste of this tactic. The outlook with the imagery being from a sneaky peek perspective adds realism to improve the reliability.

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Fighting the ketchup fraud has been a recurring theme for Heinz as the quality comes with a price that eateries are not willing to pay, but also do not want to come across as they are compromising on the quality served to the consumers.

Previously, the campaign 'Tip for HEINZ' was based on a similar concept, with which the brand encouraged consumers to tip the restaurant a dollar, so the restaurants could afford Heinz and serve consumers with quality ketchup. This campaign also increased the brand's social engagement, given the UGC element encouraging consumers to post the bill's photo as proof of the tip, in exchange for reimbursement on the bill.

With the current campaign, the brand intends to achieve the same objective, but this time with a tangy take. The digital extension of the campaign includes a short video amplifying the campaign tagline.

While, it may or may not lead to eatery owners having an epiphany to clear their conscience, the campaign managed to gain eyeballs to the fraud.

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