Case Study: How Tinder’s You Up? campaign garnered 50 million+ views by encouraging youth to explore their individuality

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Tinder You Up?

The Tinder You Up? case study explores how the dating app asked the youth to take charge of their dating life, casual or otherwise, with one swipe.

Tinder's 'You Up?' campaign aimed to create a more open experience when it comes to dating by encouraging users to highlight their relationship intention before the swipe.

Category Introduction

The revenue in the Indian Online Dating segment is projected to reach US$70.84m in 2023 with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of -1.68%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$66.19m by 2027. In global comparison, most revenue will be generated in the United States (US$1,347.00m in 2023).

Brand Introduction

Launched in 2012, Tinder is dating app that has seen more than 530 million downloads. The app is available in 190 countries and 45+ languages. More than half of all members are 18-25 years old. Tinder is a registered trademark of Match Group, LLC.


Young singles, who make up a majority of Tinder, are increasingly becoming more intentional with who they spend their time with and what they are looking for. They are looking for open-mindedness and embracing casual - yet clearly defined - situationships as the default relationship status. In fact, according to Tinder’s Year in Swipe report, there was a 49% increase in Tinder members adding this relationship intention to their profiles. 

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas to the tune of a 90s hit, ‘You Up’ follows a young female singleton who is in charge and chooses a variety of first date experiences without worrying about the outcome - whether it’s a fun karaoke night, a long drive, or just meeting someone over coffee. By putting herself out there and being open to possibilities, she is able to explore her individuality with the endless new experiences that await at every turn with Tinder.


Highlight how Tinder is a fun, inclusive, playful place where meeting new people will unlock the adventure of a lifetime and open up a new world. 

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Creative Idea

Top three things 18-25 year old singles are looking for right now are companionship, friendship or a situationship. 84% Tinder members said they’re hopeful and optimistic when it comes to dating and relationships, showing an openness to possibilities that come from making new connections**. Whether it’s a conversation, a date, a hiking buddy, tour guide in a new city or something longer lasting, our connections make our lives richer and more interesting. 

With a goal to bring more spontaneity into people’s lives and to open up a whole new world of possibilities with others, Tinder released its brand campaign ‘You Up’, which celebrates the endless possibilities of moments and experiences on the app. It is a reflection of how dating has become more fluid and how young daters increasingly embrace their authentic selves on the Tinder app and in real life. For them ‘You Up?’ is about putting themselves out there and seeking the kind of connections they want, on their own terms. 

Young adults reclaim the idea of 'you up?' culturally associated with 'provocative/suggestive' dating behaviour and instead define it as a positive call to action for putting yourself out there and all the adventure it can unlock- the experiences, the adrenaline, the chemistry and the excitement. 


The film was released on 20th December 2022, across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The campaign illustrates the endless possibilities that Tinder delivers and reflects Gen Z's desire to express and connect on the issues that matter to them most, with 63%1 of Tinder members wanting to connect with someone that aligns with their values. The film follows a female protagonist who’s not afraid to navigate through diverse experiences, and puts herself out there for all the experiences that come her way, whether it be a fun karaoke night, a long drive, or just meeting someone over dinner. By being open to possibilities, she is able to explore her individuality with endless new adventures that await at every turn with Tinder. 


The film, released on 20th December 2022, garnered over 50 million plus views across YouTube, Instagram, and OTT platforms. 

Vasudha Misra, Regional Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas, said, " Tinder’s ads have always felt like a small snapshot of where we are at - in terms of the way we see relationships and romance of course, but also in terms of how a girl taking control of her own narrative is perceived. And to me, this spot feels like an honest piece that captures where India's youth are at right now in terms of dating - unapologetic and individualistic, and it takes a phrase that till now just had one connotation and adds multiple dimensions to it. All set to a killer track."


Speaking on the new ‘You Up’ campaign, Anukool Kumar, Head of Marketing, Tinder India said, “At Tinder, you are in charge of your own dating journey. Members have always had the freedom to personalize their Tinder experience and make the platform what they need it to be - a gateway to exactly the kind of connections and experience they seek, at their pace. We welcome all types of people and relationships whether they last for a few messages exchanged on the app, a day, a night, or a lifetime. No matter what kind of connection you are looking for, it starts here. It Starts with A SwipeTM."

*From Tinder bios Jan 2022 - Oct 2022

**A study of 4,000 18-25 year old actively dating singles conducted in the US (1000), UK (1000), Australia (1000) and Canada (1000) during the period 21st Jan 2023 to 7th Feb 2023 conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Tinder

1 Tinder In app Survey among Tinder users aged 18-24 in UK, US, AU. Data was collected between 10/18/22 – 10/28/22.

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