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Gender Equality


As the finale of Social Samosa Superwomen 2023 draws closer, the jury panel shares a message on gender equality for all professionals out there. 

Superwomen 2023 finale is just around the corner and the prestigious jury panel talks to Social Samosa about the prejudices and obstacles women experience as well as their views on gender equality.

The media and advertising industry is pushing beyond generic stereotypes, one step at a time, to instill a culture of inclusion for everyone by recruiting candidates exclusively on their skill, with no discrimination based on gender, age, physical status, or orientation.

We spoke to top women leaders of the Advertising and Marketing sector to understand how the industry is working on gender equality to encourage more women to join the workforce.

Here's what they said:

Gender Equality

Chandni Shah, Founder & COO, Kinnect

"Creating a more equitable workplace requires ongoing commitment and action. Gender bias and discrimination are still pervasive in many industries, and it's up to each of us to challenge them. 

Some ways to promote gender inclusivity include actively seeking diverse perspectives, advocating for equal pay and opportunities, and supporting women and other underrepresented groups in leadership positions." 

Gender Equality

Aruna Jathar, CMO, TenderCuts

"The first and foremost step is to think of an individual and not as a gender when work is assigned or when roles are realigned or promotions are being planned. This can be done only through constant training at an organizational level.

Provide training and support to grow. Coach women, so they learn from others’ experiences. Review their work and ability and not their personal situation and status when hiring and mentoring them."

Gender Equality

Deepshikha Surendran, Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, Tata Trusts

"I would like to quote the message put out for women across the globe by Oscar-winner Guneet Monga - ‘The future is audacious, the future is now, the future is us. Go for it’."

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Gender Equality

Piali Dasgupta, Sr. VP Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities

"There’s no denying that misogyny in the workplace is rampant and exists at all levels. If you are a self-made, opinionated, talented, outspoken and high achieving, ambitious woman, you will make a lot of people, and particularly a lot of men, quite insecure, who will use your vulnerabilities against you. I know this could be an unpopular opinion, but it’s mostly true.

The representation of women in leadership roles is abysmally low, and only 4% of India’s CEOs are women. A big reason for that is actually covert sexism and misogyny that exists in workplaces. Gender inclusivity is not just about increasing the female headcount. It is about understanding the needs of modern Indian women juggling many lives."

Gender Equality

Anisha Iyer, CEO, OMD

The minute the world shifts from discussing which gender deserves something to which person deserves something, meritocracy will win, and gender inclusivity conversations will cease! This is what I'm waiting for.

Gender Equality

Pooja Sahgal, CMO, Raymond

"In our fields of creativity, marketing, agencies, and media, organizations that are diverse will be ahead of the curve. In a study of 2500 companies from 2011 to 2018, researchers found that businesses with women leaders had a higher average return on equity and better than average growth. 

Gender diversity isn’t just a laudable goal, it also makes bottom-line business sense. It also greatly helps in the quality of ideas and decision-making. Gender diversity also helps companies attract and retain more talent by providing a more stimulating workplace. Hence Diversity is the enabler for the long-range vision for growth and it’s an essential lever for driving sustainable growth."

Gender Equality

Shalini Rao, CMO, Bangalore International Airport

"I firmly believe that gender inclusivity is a crucial component of any organization’s success. It is important to establish an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and supported, regardless of their gender. To promote gender inclusivity in the workplace, I encourage all professionals to actively recognize and address any potential gender biases and work towards eliminating them.

It is also crucial to acknowledge the contributions of all employees equally, regardless of their gender, and celebrate their successes. We need to educate ourselves and raise awareness about gender biases and work together to create a more inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. It is our responsibility to ensure that gender inclusivity is not just a buzzword, but a core value that is integrated into our organization’s culture and practices."

Gender Equality

Swati Nathani, Co-founder, Team Pumpkin

"In my eyes, gender inclusivity shouldn’t be done for the sake of projecting your company in a progressive avatar. Rather, it should be done for the sole purpose of creating a workspace that acts as a magnet for talent, regardless of the gender it is associated with. 

The truest reflection of inclusivity in a company is how effectively the skills of people can be drawn out from them. Because this can only be achieved when an environment is so accepting of people that they can truly feel like they can be themselves when it comes to creative expression. 

Every brand in the advertising space should strive to be one that is inclusive, not just in gender, but beyond the many things that shape a person’s identity. Doing so would help people find a place for themselves within brands and take them to new heights with their unfiltered and expressive work."

Gender Equality

Anita Kotwani, CEO, Carat India

"Let meritocracy be gender agnostic."

The winners for Superwomen 2023 will be announced on 5th of April 2023. Stay tuned

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