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Linkedin has launched five new product updates for Sales Navigator with an aim to make it easier to use and more actionable, to make selling more efficient for sellers and buyers alike.

LinkedIn has announced new updates to its Sales Navigator. The focus of the five product updates to Sales Navigator this quarter is the identification of opportunities, early adoption, knowing the target audience, and more of such similar features with the new Sales Navigator.

Identify Opportunity With Account Hub

Enter Account Hub. Once you upload your book of business into Sales Navigator, Account Hub – the next evolution of the Buyer-Intent Dashboard – will prioritize them for the users, based on growth potential, buyer intent, or risk alerts. Additionally, Account Hub provides insights and tools to network the way in or follow up with the exact person showing interest within those accounts.

With it, users can make data-driven account prioritization decisions with all the data they need in a single place. As a seller, they can log into Account Hub daily to keep updated on economic changes happening at the target accounts and plan which accounts to focus on based on the proprietary customer-level buyer intent data. Leverage filters like “growth alerts” or “high and moderate buyer intent” to see which accounts are showing signals that they’re an opportunity to pursue.

Product Category Intent in Account Hub

LinkedIn has heard from users that they want to know why people are interested in the company and that they want insight into everyone researching the category, whether they know the company or not. The new Product Category Intent, launched last quarter, aims to solve that by showing you who on LinkedIn is potentially researching the category.

Another advantage – for companies that sell multiple products, it helps distinguish which product a buyer is interested in. Say they sell cloud computing solutions within a large enterprise with multiple other offerings. It’s one thing to know that a buyer is interested in the company. It’s another to know that they are interested in cloud computing solutions.

On May 31, Product Category Intent for 770 product categories across various industries, predominantly software, will be brought into Account Hub. The AI model that drives Product Category Intent is constantly has largely isolated software-focused product categories, but this will change in coming releases. This feature is available for Advanced and Advanced Plus users.

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Search Functionality

More efficiently find the next buyer with new improvements to the Search functionality.

Search is the most popular feature in Sales Navigator, empowering to filter through LinkedIn to find the exact right person to reach out to. This quarter, LinkedIn continues to optimize the Search functionality with these improvements, to make it work better.

Buyer Intent: Filter down to potential buyers at accounts where someone has expressed high or moderate interest in the past 30 days.

People you interacted with: Include or exclude leads who you've recently messaged on LinkedIn or viewed.

Current job title and past job title: Search by job titles to narrow in on your target personas.

Connections in account search: Search for accounts where your first-degree connections work.

Buyer Intent functionality

Discover more warm leads with the improvements to Buyer Intent functionality. Buyer Activities fuel the Buyer Intent functionality. This quarter, LinkedIn is rolling out even more Buyer Activities to give sellers more signals that someone is interested in the solution.

The following new activities will be visible in the Buyer Activity section on Account Pages and in the new Account Hub:

Website visits: Sellers at companies with the LinkedIn Insights Tag installed on their corporate websites will see the general profile of visitors to their corporate website.

New connections to colleagues: See the identity of new LinkedIn connections to other Sales Navigator sellers and TeamLink users on your contract.

Buyer Intent functionality is available to Advanced and Advanced Plus customers.


Keep your CRM up-to-date easier with the CRM auto-save accounts list. LinkedIn has continued to invest in improving the CRM Auto-Save functionality, so they can seamlessly manage the book of business within Sales Navigator.

Starting this quarter, users can manually add accounts to the My CRM Accounts list on Sales Navigator. If an account is already in the CRM, but the rules they have set on Sales Navigator do not capture all of the accounts that they want, they can now add the missing accounts.

The improvement allows the CRM Auto-Save list to auto-generate based on the CRM, saving time from having to set up and actively manage the list, while also providing the necessary tools to fill in the gaps and add any accounts that may be missing.

The new functionality allows for the best of both worlds of automation and manual oversight and ensures that they always have the up-to-date account list from CRM on Sales Navigator to leverage in key places such as the new Account Hub. CRM Auto-Save functionality is available to Advanced Plus users.

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