TJMM Netflix Strategy: Marketing the RomCom with a slick campaign

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Two Truths & One Lie - 1. Shraddha Kappor's following gave a massive boost to campaign 2. Ranbir Kapoor is now on social media to promote the streaming release 3. Netflix dispensed a marketing strategy closely connected to the concept of TJMM. Spot the lie…

Read through the TJMM Netflix Marketing Strategy to find any hints...

Active Popularity

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar had already acquired substantial popularity through its theatrical release and the marketing campaign associated with it. While there is no direct link demonstrating its impact on the campaign by Netflix, it's notable to consider the audience's perception before this campaign was dispensed.

Music and box office are the two main elements responsible for the movie's active popularity, that passed across mediums. The movie's music has been widely popular for over three months now. Two of the songs from the movie's original album consistently stayed on the Top 5 charts, and at least one song was in the Top 5, for the consecutive months of February, March, and April, according to Ormax Media Research.

While the theatrical release received mixed reviews from critics, the film garnered the second-highest box office collection by a Hindi film this year, reportedly earning an estimate of over 220 Cr INR. Second only to Pathaan, the top-grossing Hindi film of the year (to date).

The remarkable box office by the theatrical release, was not followed up with any announcement of the movie's digital premiere until Netflix released a leaked phone call between Ranbir and Shraddha.

Digital Premiere Announcement

The two stars aligned to announce the title's premiere on the streaming platform, until then there was no announcement of the movie's association with any of the OTT networks.

The Cunning Campaign

After the generic trailer and poster launch for the title, Netflix dispensed a social media campaign that reflects the concept of the movie - a liar collaborating with a cunning one. The most intriguing element is a post that crossovers the concept to other Netflix titles such as You, Andhadhun, Monica O' My Darling, and more, where the lead characters share similar traits.

The Shraddha Factor

Stars have their galaxy of fans, and fans contribute to engagement. Shraddha Kapoor's social media following of over 80 Mn users came in handy to promote the release. The collaborative post between Netflix and Shraddha resulted in an engagement rate spike of an estimate of over 400% as compared to all other posts for this campaign.

The Creator Connection

Influencer and creator partnerships have long been a native part of Netflix's social media strategy, and this campaign was no different. The platform collaborated with Pulkit Kochar who spot the Meta Moments of the movie, and The Vixens Crew grooved to the rhythm of an upbeat track.

Meta Moments Ft. Pulkit Kochar

Pyaar Hota Kai Baar Hai Ft. The Vixens Crew

The Culmination

After another series of generic posts amping up awareness for the release date… This is what the cunning campaign culminated.

Did you spot the lie? Let us know in the comments below.

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