Bad Bunny: A look at the music phenomenon's endorsement platter

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Bad Bunny: A look at the music phenomenon's endorsement platter

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio has broken the language barrier and captivated audiences on a global scale, simultaneously amplifying his brand value and influential prowess, through his artistic capabilities. We take a look at some of his prominent campaigns.

The list of his brand collaborations and endorsements flaunts global conglomerates and noteworthy appearances.

His meteoric rise as an artist runs parallel with his popularity as an endorser and creative collaborator. Here we lend an ear to his artistic value that amplifies his endorser merits.

Bad Bunny - The Aristic Value

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, known professionally as Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and occasional professional wrestler.

The Latin trap and reggaeton artist has been the most streamed artist on Spotify for the last three consecutive years. His culturally-rooted style with a global appeal and engaging lyrics has amassed a following from various parts of the globe. Bad Bunny was ranked among the top 100 highest-paid celebrities in the world in recent years, as per Forbes (2021). 

The multi-platinum recording artist and 3x Grammy winner, is also the highest-grossing artist for a calendar year (2022) in the live events history, earning over 430 million USD through over 2 million tickets sold across 81 shows. He was also Apple Music's Artist Of The Year in 2022, making him the first Latin to gain this title. In March 2023, he was on the cover of Time Magazine.

The Endorser Value

With a strong and influential voice, and a social media following that spans millions across multiple platforms, his potential to amplify and mediate brand communications has been tapped by some of the biggest brands. His authenticity, connect with fans, and reach across diverse demographics, extends his appeal beyond music.

Press Play on Summer - Pepsi x Bad Bunny x Apple Music 

Bad Bunny recently released the track 'Where She Goes' which debuted straight at No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200. This track is also the heartbeat of the new campaign by Pepsi & Apple Music. The beverage brand and the music streaming service collaborated to match their synergies and hit a common note. The brands associated with the artist to offer up to three months of free music streaming that can be unlocked through a QR Code on select PepsiCo beverages.

The music-video-style campaign is directed by Dave Meyers and co-directed by Mia Barnes, with choreography from Sherrie Silver.

Todd Kaplan, CMO of, Pepsi mentioned in a release "We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Bad Bunny to the Pepsi family with his very own spot, bringing in all the summer vibes with his newest track WHERE SHE GOES. This song is already the soundtrack of the summer, so it is a perfect way to kick off our Press Play on Summer program that gives fans up to three free months of Apple Music with every 20oz ice-cold Pepsi".

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Adidas X Bad Bunny

In March 2021, Adidas announced a multi-year partnership that entails several collaborative projects and product drops with the artist. The collaboration produced a line of exclusive merchandise and sneakers inspired by his personal style and cultural heritage. A few of these projects include Last Forum and the latest drop Campus Wild Moss which celebrates his performance at the  Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. These projects integrate the music artist's creative vision.

Remarking on the collaboration, Bad Bunny shared the following statement in the official announcement blog, "I have always loved sneakers since I was a kid. They were the essential detail of the style I wanted and the look I wanted to have depending on what I was going to do that day. I would go out with my friends and we would ask each other, what sneakers are you going to wear today? At the same time, we would talk about those sneakers we dreamt of having one day".

These music title drops also have some of the most eccentric marketing campaigns attached to them, one of them being the global launch of Forum Baby Blue.

The music launch experience, created in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson, crewed a flight with 160 celebrities and influencers, and executed a circuit of activations that ended with a concert by the artist. The campaign resulted in substantial sales and awareness, with more than one million global registrations on the official website, doubling the initial goal and achieving the largest growth to date.

Deja Tu Huella - Bad Bunny X Cheetos

Deja Tu Huella is a multi-platform philanthropic initiative by Cheetos, carried out in collaboration with Bad Bunny's Good Bunny Foundation and the Pepsico Foundation. The phrase literally means 'Leave Your Mark' and this concept has been ingrained in the various video films attached to the campaign, along with the purpose of the initiative, which intends to create opportunities for the Hispanic communities, and eradicate inequalities. The campaign aims to enable the transformation of the community and encourage people to leave their mark.

Additionally, Bad Bunny has also collaborated with brands such as Corona, Spotify, and Crocs and also appeared in various ad films.

His cultural impact, philanthropic work, and electrifying musical prowess have amassed a colossal social media following and made him a sought-after brand endorser for various campaigns and collaborations.

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