Brands zoom in on the 'Apple Vision Pro Launch' moment

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Apple Vision pro

Brands 'Siri-ously' went all out during the Apple Vision Pro launch, cooking up quirky creatives and embracing the tech hype.

The launch of Apple Vision Pro, the augmented reality (AR) glasses, has sparked excitement and anticipation among tech enthusiasts, brands and consumers alike.

As conversations built on social media and people shared their excitement, brands tapped into this opportunity by posting social media creatives. Further capitalizing on the 'Apple Vision Pro Launch' moment, brands reimagined the popular 'expectations vs reality' format and combined it with Apple, calling it 'Vision we want vs Vision we get.'

Here's how various brands made a moment of marketing out of the Apple Vision Pro launch, capitalizing on its buzz.



Himalaya Men 



Mama Earth 

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Tata Play

Tata Play Binge

Kurl On

Mother's recipe

Extra Marks

Mini Klub

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