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LinkedIn's AI-generated Copy Suggestions to use advanced OpenAI GPT models to leverage data from users' LinkedIn Page and Campaign Manager settings, like objective, targeting criteria, and audience, to suggest ad headlines and copy to help jumpstart the campaigns.

55% of marketers plan to use Generative AI to increase their efficiency so they can focus on higher-value work, according to a LinkedIn-commissioned survey. The platform now aims to help marketers increase productivity by instantly creating content, the newly launched solution offers up to five headlines and ad copy recommendations in Campaign Manager that users can edit to align with the brand’s voice.


The platform is now starting to test new experiences in English with a small group of customers in North America and plans to increase the functionality, languages, and availability in the coming months.

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Infusing artificial intelligence into Marketing Solutions by LinkedIn has been around for a while. They’ve used it to help marketers reach audiences with the messages at the right time, measure conversions with accuracy, and train bidding models. It’s also an essential aspect of aggregating signals, like intent, to help marketers connect with buyers. LinkedIn plans to continue investing in this area by rolling out new features in the coming months to help increase efficiency, jumpstart the creative process and think bigger about marketing strategies.

AI Copy Suggestions intend to help jumpstart creativity and reduce the time spent on day-to-day tasks so that marketers can continue to focus on what matters–continuing to produce memorable campaigns and building the brand.

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