UAE and Poland grab their first Lions in Creative Data on Cannes Lions Day 3

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Cannes Lions 2023 announces its day three winners in the Creative Data, Direct, Media, PR and Social and Influencer Lions. United Arab Emirates and Poland win first-time Lions in Creative Data.

On the third day of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the winners in the Creative B2B, Creative Data, Direct, Media, PR and Social and Influencer Lions were unveiled. The prestigious Media Network of the Year Award was also honoured. 

Simon Cook, CEO, LIONS, said, “There’s an incredible breadth of notable wins from every corner of the globe among the winners. First-time Creative Data Lions were awarded to the UAE and Poland, and Kenya won its first-ever PR Lion. We’ve seen a significant growth in non-traditional Lions in 2023 and this body of winning work really showcases the diversity of creative work coming through from engagement-focused mediums.”

In the Creative B2B Lions, celebrating game-changing creative work in the B2B space, 446 entries were received and 16 Lions awarded: 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 8 Bronze and the Grand Prix that went to ‘Eart4’, for B3 Stock Exchange & United Nations Global Compact, by AlmapBBDO, São Paulo.

Creative B2B Lions Jury President, Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Growth Officer, Stein IAS, said, “This is just the second year for the Creative B2B Lions, and the Grand Prix our jury awarded illustrates the profound progression of B2B creativity. With its powerful, highly relevant and deeply emotional call to action - literally launching an IPO for planet Earth - the work is catalyzing the global business community to become part of the UN Global Compact. Through it, Brazil’s stock exchange has strengthened its worldwide brand reputation as a progressive force, innovator and market leader. The massive, systemic impact of B2B at its very best is on full display.”

From 418 entries in the Creative Data Lions, celebrating the interplay of ideas and information, 15 Lions were awarded: 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 7 Bronze and the Grand Prix was awarded to ‘The Artois Probability’, for Stella Artois, by GUT, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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The Direct Lions, celebrating targeted and response-driven creativity, received 1939 entries and 60 Lions were awarded:  10 Gold, 19 Silver, 30 Bronze and the Grand Prix was awarded to ‘Runner 321’, for adidas, by FCB Toronto, Canada.   

In the Media Lions, which demonstrate work that enhances and amplifies through game-changing channel strategy, 1853 entries were received and 60 Lions were awarded by the Jury: 10 Gold, 17 Silver, 32 Bronze and the Grand Prix was presented to ‘#Turnyourback’, for Dove, by Ogilvy, London / DAVID, Madrid. 


Media Lions Jury President, Christian Juhl, Global CEO, GroupM, said: “In awarding the Grand Prix, we wanted to recognize work that fully harmonizes creative and media with purpose and product. #TurnYourBack not only set the standard for bringing these components together, it’s a timely example of how our industry can use the power of media to protect young people and empower them to reject the pressure they feel to conform to artificial standards and be confident in their true, unfiltered selves.”

The PR Lions, which honour strategic and creative communication - work with storytelling at its core, which establishes, protects and enhances reputation and business, awarded 52 Lions from 1600 entries: 8 Gold, 17 Silver, 26 Bronze and the Grand Prix went to ‘Self Love Bouquet’, for DoorDash by GUT, Los Angeles, USA.   

Commenting on the Grand Prix, PR Lions Jury President, Jo-Ann Robertson, CEO, Global Markets, Ketchum, UK, added, “With a deep understanding of their audience, DoorDash were able to deliver a culturally of the moment campaign that made their customers feel something whilst delivering incredible business results. Their focus on celebrating and empowering single women's self-love was simple, brave, and the campaign was perfectly built with earned at the core”.

From 1462 entries received in the Social & Influencer Lions, 49 Lions were awarded:

8 Gold, 15 Silver, 25 Bronze and the Grand Prix was presented to ‘Flipvertising’, for Samsung, by CHEP Network, Sydney, Australia.

The Media Network of the Year was also announced in the following rank: 

Turnyourback The Artois Probability Self love bouquet Runner 321 Flipvertising cannes lions 2023