Reddit tests a new label to distinguish brands from users

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Reddit's new label on select profiles could be a way to simplify how redditors and organizations are differentiated and improve how the users interact and engage with the 100,000+ active communities.

Redditors may notice a small number of profiles with an 'Official' label next to usernames, similar to how Flair appears across a subreddit. Reddit's new label is designed to increase transparency and help Redditors, moderators, and communities quickly identify organizations and trust that these users are who they say they are.

The 'Official' label is only a visual indicator of an authenticated profile; it does not unlock special privileges. It is also separate from the existing 'Promoted' label, which continues to be the (only) indicator of a paid ad.

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With this early test, the main goal is to explore ways in which the platform can help increase authentic engagement between organizations and users. The company also intends to reduce impersonation and increases transparency across the platform.

Since this is a small, initial test, the feature is currently only available to a select number of profiles belonging to organizations with whom the company already has existing relationships. For any updates on this test, Redditors can stay tuned in by exploring r/reddit and reading the most recent posts.

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