How D2C brands can move beyond the engagement metrics

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In conversation with brand custodians from the explosively emerging D2C sector in India, Social Samosa explores how the brands in this sector can move beyond, likes, views, and shares and set their social media playbook for success.

Indian D2C brands are leading the consumer journey from content to commerce and have been harnessing conversions through social media platforms. The journey does not stop at garnering engagement, sales remain the core metric. In conversation with industry experts, we decipher how D2C brands can move beyond the engagement metrics.

The Speakers

  • Raghav Bagai, Co-Founder at Sociowash (Moderator)
  • Harmeet Singh, Vice President, Marketing and Product, Digital, The Body Shop
  • Snigdha Chowdhary, Head of Growth & Strategy, Good Media

India is at the forefront of this business model, with 800+ D2C brands as of (April 2021) catering to 100 Mn+ online shoppers and creating a 100+ Bn USD D2C market opportunity by 2025. This section of the retail market has steadily grown since 2015 and has shown no downward trend, with an expected CAGR of 25% during the 2020-2025 period. We further dive into how the D2C brands are scaling up.

Here are the key takeaways from brand custodians of major D2C brands in India

Harmeet Singh

  • During COVID-19 online sales contributed to 10% of the business, post-COVID we saw a 25% jump
  • How we gather data, create a targeted campaign, and do personalization, everything has changed, and the market is becoming more and more dynamic
  • Everything on social media is dictating what we need to be and what we are today
  • It's important to maintain a balance between content and performance
  • It is good to make a great campaign, but if we dont reach the consumer, then we lose the point
  • Influencers remain an effective engine when we have to go across a target audience
  • Targeting depends on what kind of content you want to put out
  • Look for the right influencers who can communicate the right ingredients and provide the right efficacy to the product
  • Have a great CRM program, so you have repeat consumers

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Snigdha Chowdhary

  • COVID-19 changed the game for everyone, because the brand cut their spends, and focussed on digitalization, but platforms such as Shark Tank and more have given a boost to D2C brands
  • 60% of our revenue comes in from our own D2C website and 40% from other channels
  • Consumers are very conscious of the choices they are making
  • Tell a brand story and why a consumer should buy it
  • Social media marketing is of par importance in the media mix, even when a budget does not allow a TVC
  • Create content buckets, Instagram is different than YouTube, and YouTube is different from Facebook
  • Virtual try-on, and skin analyzers that recommend products on the basis of the skin, are a few AI use cases for D2C brands in the Fashion & Cosmetics sector
  • Focus on user experience

Raghav Bagai

  • Multi-retail channels for sales, make the choice between online or offline more difficult
  • The strategic analysis of where to spend is key to tapping the role of social media
  • You don't have to do a shoot worth lakhs, it can be done with minimal resources with AI

Key Advice

Harmeet Singh

Brand DNA is where the foundation is strong. Starting a brand based on your ideology and what the brand stands for is how you be distinctive.

Snigdha Chowdhary

Have a brand story and have something consumers resonate with.

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