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With #SS40Under40, we celebrate the leaders of thought and masters of action who impact the growth and expanse of the ecosystem. Here's a look at the categories for Social Samosa 40 Under 40 - The Class of 2023! 

Social Samosa 40 under 40 is our endeavour to raise a Toast to the Titans who went against the odds to bring groundbreaking work with agility and strength. As we gear up to bring the third edition of #SS40under40 to honour the thought leaders, we unveil the nomination categories...

The entries are open, Nominate Now.

Account Management

Individuals in this category are skilled at multitasking and bridging the gap between clients and agencies, wearing multiple hats as account managers.

Agency Leader

If you are an agency owner who has successfully navigated the challenges, boosted team morale, and aims to build resilient entities, nominate yourself in this category.


For leaders who excel in extracting valuable insights from available data and beyond, including numbers, graphs, and social listening.

Brand Management / Marketing

This category is for individuals who understand consumer behaviour, insights, and data, and have the ability to translate them into effective communication strategies.

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Content Creator/ Influencer

If you specialize in creating high-quality, relatable, and impactful content that resonates with audiences, this is the category for you.


These professionals work their magic in graphic design, visual arts, audio, or video production to deliver brand communication in a relevant and compelling manner.


If you have demonstrated a high level of innovation and creativity in your approach to advertising and marketing, achieved significant success in business, and have made a notable impact on the industry this is the category for you.

Human Resource 

For individuals involved in the recruitment, upskilling, and retention of professionals. This category is also for individuals who play a crucial role in setting a warm, supportive, and welcoming work culture.

Media Planning

Leaders in this category excel at identifying and utilizing the right media channels to ensure successful campaigns reach their intended audiences.

Operations & Finance

This category is for individuals who possess a deep understanding of finance and its role.

Public Relations

If you are an individual who has honed the hat in the field of public relations within the media and entertainment industry, successfully crafting and executing a PR strategy or campaign that achieved or surpassed measurable objectives, then this category is specifically designed to recognize your accomplishments.


These fearless professionals combine analytical thinking with creativity to develop data-driven plans and insights. If you have a passion for strategic planning, this category is for you.

If you find yourself fitting into multiple categories from the list, feel free to fill multiple forms for different categories. There will be a separate fee for each form you submit. 

Now is the perfect moment to seize the opportunity and showcase your outstanding work. Nominate yourself now!

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