TweetDeck, now XPro is becoming a paid service for X Premium users

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TweetDeck, one of the most popular third-party Twitter applications is now under a paywall which the company has been promising for a while now.

X is now following through on its promise to make TweetDeck a paid service. Many users have observed that they’re seeing a sales page for X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) when they try to load up XPro.

The platform had previously announced in July that it would be making XPro a paid feature available for subscribers. At the time, it was mentioned that this transition would happen in 30 days.


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Originally, TweetDeck was one of the most popular third-party Twitter applications and was acquired by Twitter in 2011. Over the years, the platform has added new features and capabilities, including multi-account access and custom feed options. As of now, a subscription to X Premium costs Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,800 per year when subscribed via a web browser to access it.

Under Elon Musk, subscribers are provided with additional incentives such as the ability to publish long-form content, upload 1080p videos, enjoy higher post ranking, and receive ad share revenue. 

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