WhatsApp rolls out AI stickers feature with its latest update

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AI stickers feature

The feature will allow users to create unique stickers using the AI sticker technology offered by Meta. The feature is currently available only to a limited number of beta testers, and is being rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp has announced the release of a new feature with its latest update. The upcoming 'WhatsApp beta for Android' update will contain AI stickers feature. The platform has started rolling out the feature to a limited group of beta testers and will be made available to more users over the coming weeks. 

Very recently, it introduced a feature that allows users to add multiple accounts on the same device with its “WhatsApp beta for Android” update. Now, while focusing on the messaging experience, it has introduced a new feature that will allow users to enhance their conversations. 

The feature involves stickers created using AI technology. Users will be able to see a 'Create' button within the sticker tab when opening the keyboard. While selecting this option, users will be prompted to enter a description that will be used to generate the sticker. They will also be presented with a set of AI-generated stickers based on the descriptions they had previously entered. The users can then decide as to which sticker to share in the conversation based on the presented options. 

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The messaging platform has revealed that these stickers are generated using a secure technology offered by Meta and that users will be in control over the stickers generated by AI. If the users find any sticker to be inappropriate or harmful, they can report it to Meta. Furthermore, this feature is optional and the AI stickers are easily distinguishable, meaning that the recipient may understand when a sticker has been generated by AI technology from Meta. 

This comes in as a part of WhatsApp’s efforts to improve user experience. The generation of stickers using AI would lead to the creation of stickers that are highly personalised and relevant to the users’ interests. Moreover, this feature does not require users to possess advanced design skills or help from any external tools. Simply inputting descriptions will lead to the generation of stickers related to those terms.

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