YouTube launches Music AI Incubator by collaborating with Universal Music

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Music AI Incubator

The Music AI Incubator will help inform its approach as it collaborates with artists as the platform aims to protect copyright while exploring generative AI.

YouTube is establishing its policy for AI-generated content by working with popular music labels. These include rules for how music generated using AI is treated on the platform and the monetisation opportunities for the artists as well as companies.

As part of the effort, the video-sharing platform is introducing its Music AI Incubator which will help inform its approach as it collaborates with artists all over. To launch the program, it will be working with Universal Music Group and its entire roster of talent. For the same purpose, the platform is welcoming partners across the industry into the program. 

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Its rights management technology Content ID is being further developed to accommodate a new era of generated content. Content ID is known for ensuring rights holders get paid for the use of their content and has generated billions for the industry over the years. 

The content policies and trust and safety teams that have helped the platform tackle safety violation issues will be implemented on AI-generated content as well to safeguard all parties. It will update its policies on technically manipulated content. 

YouTube CEO, Neal Mohan remarked, “I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity of AI to supercharge creativity around the world, but recognize that YouTube and the promise of AI will only be successful if our partners are successful. Together, we can embrace this new technology in a way that supports artists, songwriters, producers, and the industry as a whole while driving value for fans and pushing the bounds of what’s creatively possible.”

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