AdSpot: Apple, OYO, KFC, Roojai Online Insurance and more

This week's edition of Social Samosa's AdSpot features campaigns that struck a chord from KITKAT's Ultimate Break with Netflix to Liquid Death's 'Public Apology'. Here's a look at them all.

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Each week, amidst the flurry of advertisements and brand promotions, a select few catch our eye with their creativity, engaging messages, or unique storytelling. Social Samosa's AdSpot sifts through the noise to bring you a curated selection of ads that are not only memorable but also reflective of current trends and consumer interests. These standout ad campaigns don't just grab attention; they leave a lasting impact with their clever use of humour, touching narratives, or thought-provoking themes. 

This edition of AdSpot features campaigns from various brands including Apple India's 'Work is worth it', OYO's 'Yahi baat kar rahe hai hum!', KITKAT's Ultimate Break with Netflix, Liquid Death's 'Public Apology' to Roojai's 'Triangle of Accidents', KFC Spain's 'Kentucky-style everywhere, Kentucky Fried Chicken, just here', IKEA's Play Report 2024 and Adidas UK's 'Hey Jude'. 

Apple India

Filmed and edited using the iPhone and Mac, Apple’s ad campaign captures the extraordinary resilience of students who strive for greatness despite the rigors of college life. The film underscores that while success for students is often measured by outcomes, it is equally important to recognize their growth through their journey.


OYO's ‘Kya baat kar rahe ho’ initiative represents a major upgrade in OYO's service provision, introducing guest experiences through innovative features such as quick check-ins on the OYO app. Collaborating with the creative agency Moonshot, OYO's campaign seeks to modernize outdated perceptions and offer joyous experiences for families, friends, solo travelers, and all types of adventurers.

Netflix and Kitkat India

Netflix and KitKat's ‘break’ themed campaign in India, running from June 1 to June 30, 2024, invites customers to scan QR codes on KitKat packaging for a chance to win Netflix merchandise. With Ayushmann Khurrana starring in the ad campaign, Khurrana emphasizes the theme of taking breaks from the ordinary.

Liquid Death

Liquid Death collaborates with The Boys from Prime Video for an ad campaign featuring The Deep, educating kids about the dangers of sugary drinks while promoting flavoured sparkling water.

Roojai Online Insurance

Roojai Online Insurance's campaign titled ‘Minimizing Your Frustration,’ showcases Roojai's benefits and unique services, whilst addressing their most commonly asked question of why they use a kangaroo as their corporate identity. Directed by Un Wuthisak, the campaign's film demonstrates Roojai's ability to turn stressful situations into manageable ones. strengthening its brand identity, symbolized by the brands agile and supportive kangaroo. 

KFC Spain

As part of the ad campaign KFC uses images of restaurants and different representations of its product and famous bucket, inspired by KFC’s aesthetics and iconicity, to assert the superiority of Colonel Sanders’ unmistakable recipe. The Kentucky Style campaign featuring a sequence of locations, products, and points of sale that share similar iconography to KFC’s, demonstrating that it is a benchmark thereby connecting with consumers.


On the occasion of celebrating the first International Day of Play, Ikea has unveiled the "Play Report 2024," examining the role of play in children's well-being. The report emphasizes that amid economic uncertainty, climate challenges, geopolitical conflicts, and growing inequalities, children worldwide are increasingly concerned about adult issues. In this context, play is presented as a remedy—an escape from pressure and stress and a tool to enhance happiness.

Adidas UK

Adidas’ ‘Hey Jude’ campaign showcases the journey of a nation’s hope – brought about by a new generation of players, looking to find success in Germany this summer. Through this film, Adidas’ aims to highlight how athletes of all levels feel pressure, but reminds them to reframe the feeling and focus on the positive rallying cry of “You Got This.

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