AdSpot: IKEA, CollegeDekho, Beats by Dre, Little Hearts and more

This week's edition of Social Samosa's AdSpot features campaigns that struck a chord from IKEA India's 'The Closet' to Little Heart's 'Every Bite, Full of Heart'. Here's a look at them all.

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In the busy world of advertising and marketing, countless ad campaigns flood our screens every week. Among these, Social Samosa's AdSpot stands out by highlighting a few favourites that truly grab our attention. This curated collection of ads comprises campaigns that are creative, effective, and resonate well with audiences, showcasing innovative ideas, powerful storytelling, and a strong understanding of consumer desires. These selected ads not only celebrate exceptional advertising but also guide brands looking to make a meaningful impact in today's crowded digital space.

This edition of AdSpot features campaigns from various brands including Ikea India's 'The Closet' ad campaign, Visit Oslo's 'Is it even a city?' ad campaign to CollegeDekho's 'Banayenge India Ka Kal' ad campaign, Beats by Dre's 'Beat's Pill is Seriously Loud' ad campaign, Little Heart's 'Every Bite, Full of Heart' ad campaign, Coinbase's 'The Money Transfer' ad campaign, McDonald’s Japan x Kiki’s Delivery Service's ad campaign, Zomato's 'Zomato Rider Top Pe ft. Zomatowalarapper' and finally the 'The Origin of Toys “R” Us' ad campaign. 

Ikea India

IKEA's 'The Closet' ad ingeniously uses a physical space to metaphorically convey the emotional struggles of LGBTQIA+ individuals. By inviting viewers to experience the isolation and discrimination faced by queer communities through immersive storytelling, it challenges societal biases and promotes empathy and allyship. This campaign not only sparks crucial conversations but also underscores IKEA's commitment to diversity and inclusion in a deeply resonant and impactful manner.

Visit Oslo

The Oslo tourism ad cleverly uses dry humour and a grumpy local narrator to showcase the city's charms in a refreshing, unconventional way. By contrasting Oslo with bustling metropolises like New York and Paris, the ad campaign highlights its unique appeal such as no restaurant queues, a village-like feel despite being a city along with easy museum access. Drawing inspiration from filmmaker Joachim Trier's subtle storytelling style, the ad crafts a memorable anti-advertising approach that entertains while promoting Oslo as a distinctive travel destination.


CollegeDekho has launched its first brand campaign, emphasizing its role as a trusted guide for students navigating higher education in India. Leveraging insights from its HEART Report 2024, the campaign aims to assist students and parents in making informed choices among over 54,000 colleges. The brand's TVC highlights parental dedication and aligns with CollegeDekho's vision of offering expert guidance. 

Beats by Dre

Beats has launched a new campaign featuring rapper Lil Wayne and basketball legend LeBron James to promote the relaunch of the Beats Pill speaker. In a 90-second film titled 'The Predicament', James throws a party where Lil Wayne's hit 'A Milli' plays loudly, disrupting the rapper's sleep. Eventually, Lil Wayne joins the party, embracing the speaker's impressive sound quality. Created in partnership with creative agency Mirimar, the campaign humorously highlights the Beats Pill's powerful audio performance.

Little Hearts

Britannia Industries has refreshed the look of Little Hearts with vibrant, modern packaging, aiming to engage new-age consumers through its TVC campaign, 'Every Bite, Full of Heart', Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, the film features a couple enjoying Little Hearts, triggering a whimsical sequence where playful puppies appear, symbolizing the warmth and joy in every bite. The campaign highlights the affectionate playfulness associated with Little Hearts, resonating with both nostalgia and contemporary appeal.


Coinbase’s latest campaign, 'The Money Transfer', vividly captures the frustrations of traditional remittance methods through a heartfelt short film. Launched on June 20, the film, directed by Mexican filmmaker Gawx, follows a young man’s struggle to send money to his grandmother in Puebla, Mexico, only to be thwarted by high fees and delays. Discovering the efficiency of USDC, a stable cryptocurrency, he finds a faster, cheaper way to support his loved ones. Premiering during the Copa America and International Day of Family Remittances, the campaign emphasizes real stories and real savings, resonating with millions of Americans who send money abroad.

McDonalds Japan

McDonald's Japan has launched an adorable Kiki's Delivery Service-themed campaign, delighting Ghibli fans with an animated ad that brings back the magic of Kiki's world. This nostalgic campaign pays homage to classic Ghibli-era animation, featuring Kiki and Jiji in playful hijinks. Initially teased on McDonald's Japan X account with a cryptic silhouette, the campaign ad showcases Kiki soaring above the city in a style inspired by Eiko Kadono's original story. The ad captures the essence of Ghibli with its sunny pastel palette and dreamy visuals.


Zomato's innovative campaign featuring its delivery riders-turned-rappers like Vishal and Soni Ramachandra showcases a blend of food delivery and music culture. By spotlighting their employees' talents through rap music, Zomato not only promotes its brand but also supports the dreams of its diverse workforce. These collaborations, celebrated on social media and YouTube, resonate well with audiences, generating significant engagement and positive feedback. It's a creative way for Zomato to connect with its community while celebrating the passions of its employees beyond their delivery roles.

Toys R US

Toys “R” Us, under its new management by WHP Global, has leveraged OpenAI’s Sora technology to create a pioneering brand film. Despite initial hype around AI-generated photorealistic videos, the project employed human oversight and corrective VFX to refine the footage, achieving about 80-85% automation. The video debuted at Cannes Lions and is set to be featured on, showcasing a nostalgic yet modernized vision aimed at revitalizing the brand’s presence in Macy’s toy sections and through planned new stores in the US, UK, and non-traditional retail spaces like airports and cruise ships.


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