Sonesh Prakash

A sales and marketing professional with a flair for writing random musings. My musings take form of poetry, comic strips, status updates and sketches. I absolutely adore the shameless existence of the likes of Tusshar Kapoor, Pratibha Patil, Sharad Pawar and hence my works lack self respect of any kind. I make a constant effort to move ahead in life and hence i wear Rupa Frontline banian everyday. I love to be around intellectuals when they are drunk and stoned and most of my attempts at humor are inspired by their high spirits. I love social media. It gives me the freedom to poke random people which could otherwise land me in jail. I stay in Andheri (the word "gaa*d" was invented by an Andheriite...its truly the arse of Mumbai). Considering these are recessionary times, and like me you wouldnt have much work and a lot of time to can read my online comic strip -