A campaign on IPL campaigns: Flipkart gets into a friendly banter with IPL sponsors

In time for IPL season, Flipkart has launched an Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign involving a friendly banter among brands, all collaborating under the hashtag #BigTVBiggerDiscounts.

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During the IPL season, cricket enthusiasts spare no effort to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience, indulging in activities like purchasing jerseys, adorning their faces with team colors, and planning where and with whom to watch the matches. This fervor for cricket translates into a surge in television sales, prompting e-commerce giant Flipkart to unveil heavy discounts on big TV sets, emphasizing the correlation between screen size and viewing pleasure.

To create buzz around these discounts on TVs and stand out in the clutter, Flipkart adopted a different approach. It got into an engaging conversation with brands on billboards showcasing the benefits of watching something on big screens, literally! 

Using the hashtag #BigTVBiggerDiscounts, these towering billboards featured IPL brands adept at moment marketing. From boAt to Rupay, brands expressed gratitude to Flipkart for enhancing the IPL viewing experience. For instance, boAt, in response to Flipkart's billboard promoting boAt's Airdopes, remarked that big TVs are akin to music to their ears. Similarly, Acko appreciated the e-commerce brand for its extensive coverage and entertainment offered during IPL. Additionally, Pedigree thanked Flipkart for helping dogs. 



All of these brands had one thing in common – they were all IPL sponsors. By partnering with IPL sponsors, Flipkart made a campaign on IPL campaigns with low investments. 

With Flipkart's new campaign and the participation of numerous other brands, the concept of co-marketing has also come into the spotlight where two or more brands team up to promote their products or services together. 

Sharing the thought behind the campaign, Pratik Shetty, Head - of Marketing & Media, at Flipkart said, “Cricket is like a religion in India, and every year in March and April, the cricket fever is at its peak. It’s the one thing that unites people across India and is watched by families together. We wanted to elevate the viewing experience by showcasing our selection of Big TVs on Flipkart. So, we decided to reach out to our customers in a unique way where we partnered with brands and took the banter to billboards with a single message, you’re welcome partner, your ads for which you have worked very hard this season will be more impactful when viewed on our Big TVs.”

“When it comes to IPL-related advertising, everyone talks cricket. We felt there was at least one more topic to speak about this IPL, which were the ads. We realised that bigger TVs mean a great cricket viewing experience, but hey, it also means bigger ads. And we were fortunate that some of the best brands advertising during the IPL were open to collaborate and get involved in the banter,” said Vishnu Srivatsav, National Creative Head, 22feet Tribal Worldwide. 

Instead of investing heavily in ad slots during IPL matches, Flipkart chose billboards strategically placed in high-traffic areas. By utilising outdoor advertising, Flipkart ensured their ads reached a wide audience considering the extensive viewership IPL is known for.

Flipkart's latest campaign utilises co-marketing effectively and announces discounts on its big television with  #BigTVBiggerDiscounts in a manner that grabs attention.

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