Mahindra Auto’s latest ad urges women to never give up the driver’s seat

With its latest ad, Mahindra Auto aims to promote the acceptance and celebration of women driving, influencing both women and girls to view it as a natural and empowering choice.

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In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, we’ve seen a range of campaigns, spanning from preachy undertones to discount-heavy approaches. Amongst them, Mahindra Auto’s #WomenWithDrive has been one such campaign that has celebrated women in their natural element. Their newly launched ad film simply aims at representing more women behind the wheel, driving SUVs. 

In a light, breezy ad film, Mahindra showcases women and girls in the driver’s seat and intends to actively normalise the image of women driving – creating a world where this is not just accepted but celebrated. This exposure not only encourages women but also influences little girls, who can grow up in an environment where women driving is seen as a natural and empowering choice. 



The film shows little girls imitating adults, honking the car, telling people to get out of their lane, and later acting themselves as they express their love for being in the driver’s seat. A young girl sketches a car onto the fogged-up window, symbolising her aspiration to one day own a car herself. The light-hearted background score further brings in a dreamy feel to the film. The lyrics go “For your dreams to be true, you gotta chase them” – urging all the women drivers to not wash their hopes away thereby continuing their passion for driving. The song ends on a motivating note and goes, “If you want to have your way, live your way.” 

With this, the film aims to end the notion that women should feel intimidated behind the wheel or be held back due to any societal judgments or internal fears. Instead, they want women to experience the versatility these vehicles offer so they can drive around in their own car. 

However, for many women, driving comes to a halt for several reasons. Some find the idea of driving around in a large SUV daunting due to deep-seated conditioning, while others lose confidence after minor accidents. Among the most common reasons, many women confess to feeling anxious or unsure while driving, leading them to step back from the driver's seat. Societal norms and stereotypes about women's driving capabilities also contribute to this decision. 

So, to question these internal and external hurdles that sometimes lead to a break on driving, Mahindra urges women to never give up the driver’s seat with its ad film. 

Explaining the idea behind the campaign, Neha Anand, VP and Head - Global Brand & Marketing Communications, Mahindra Automotive, said, “For this year’s Women’s Day, we decided to explore the curiosity, innocence and playfulness that kids demonstrate - traits that may get suppressed as girls grow up. This year’s film, meant to tug at your heartstrings, is also a call to women to never let go of the driver’s seat. Keep driving, keep inspiring.” 

To encourage this on-ground, Mahindra Auto also conducted an experiential drive where women from diverse backgrounds including doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, connected with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive community in the process. Participants also got to experience flagship Mahindra SUVs in action, further encouraging women to explore this category of cars.


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