Monopoly’s new ad says all is fair in fun games

Monopoly’s new ad showcases how the game brings out both the best and worst in us. Titled 'All is fair in Monopoly,' it heats up the competition among families in a mischievous take.

Nishita Kunder
Sep 28, 2023 18:12 IST
New Update
Monopoly's new ad

Monopoly is one of the most played games ever and we all get a little competitive. This ad represents the same feeling. The ad depicts an 8-year-old girl who is a powerful landlord struts around her building ordering around tenants, the tenants being her family.

She has to evict her mother for due rent, increase rent for her brother, give a late notice to a dog who is also a tenant, and fire a maintenance guy, in the game.



The ad series is a part of the 'All is Fair’ campaign by The Martin Agency as it aims to depict the playful rivalry between friends and family as they partake in board games. It encapsulates our childhood playing Monopoly with our family and friends and adds a nostalgic and modern twist at the same time, with a focus on reviving the game.

The second ad campaign named ‘Grand Theft Nai Nai' in the series portrays a 75-year-old woman who is a banker boasting about how people trust her due to her age.



People keep encashing her with money while she embezzles money with an innocent smile by stacking it all in her clothing- (again) in the game. The ad evokes all the feelings we get when we play Monopoly.

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